thenamelessone's diary
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2022-08-05 00:41:38 (UTC)

August 4

I had a photoshoot again today, this time with two girls.

I had been planning on doing more sexy, daring photoshoots with girls. My original plan was that first I’d do normal shoots with a lot of girls, like I used to, and after that maybe some of them would be willing to do sexier stuff. But a few days ago I decided to try to find someone for a sexier shoot right away. To be honest, I don’t really know why I decided that. Maybe I became impatient, because lately I couldn’t get myself to do anything, I wasn’t going anywhere with anything. And the summer is almost over, and when it’s over, I can’t really do for example bikini shoots anymore, because I only make photos outdoors. I don’t like the studio pictures, and I wouldn’t want to spend on renting one.

So anyway, I again wrote to some of the girls I talked with when I searched for someone for the video project. One of them was Alice. She wasn’t interested in the sexy photoshoot, but she was very responsive and understanding, it was easy to talk with her, which is rare when I just write to random girls that I don’t know. So I had an idea. I offered her some money if she could find someone for the sexy photoshoot for me. I expected that I’d have to pay for the shoot anyway, because no one would be willing to do such a shoot for free with a photographer they don’t know, and who haven’t done a similar shoot before. I could give a fraction of the money to Alice if she finds someone. She wrote to some of her friends, and quite a few of them were interested. It was interesting to see that the talks with these girls went much more favorably than when I just write to random girls. Since it was their friend who recommended me, it seemed they had some level of trust in me right away. So this turned out to be a very good idea. I offered them two possibilities, one of them was a bikini shoot, but no one was interested in that. The other was a shoot for two girls, with a bit sexy, risqué poses. For example they hug tightly, grab each other’s butts, sit in each other’s laps. A few of them were interested in this.

So this is how I met today with Chloe and Hannah. This type of shoot was perfect for them, because they’re a couple. I had thought about it before, that I’d like to shoot a same-sex couple someday, because I’m a supporter of gay rights, but I wasn’t expecting to find anyone. In my country, outside the capital city, not many of them are open with their relationship. So this was a lucky coincidence. I met with Chloe and Hannah in the town, and from there we went by car to the location, outside of town, near the recently dried out lake. They seemed shy at first, but Chloe was talkative, so we could talk. And they readily and seemingly gladly did all the poses I suggested them. They were so cute together. They even kissed a few times without me prompting them. It was actually a long time dream of mine to see two girls kissing in person, because I think it’s one of the most beautiful things in the world. Of course I find it sexy and arousing, but it’s not just that, it’s more than that. I’m a huge fan of kissing, both doing it and seeing it, and I also adore, admire girls, women and the female beauty, so probably that’s why I find it so beautiful and special. I asked them if I can take a video of them kissing and they agreed.

Overall the shoot went along in a good mood, I liked the girls, and I think we made great pictures.