no name
2022-08-03 21:07:44 (UTC)

Too much 🤬🤬

Let’s be real here guys, none of that crap is any of my business.
My only job is to keep myself happy and capable of working until I can actually keep up with someone else’s crap too. I can’t be bothered to pay attention to whether people actually like me or how I look rn, I have to get a diploma 😟 WHY???

Not like any of em’ll recognize me after since I’ll have grown up and become unremembered 🤨🤨 OOO I HAD THIS THOUGHT BEFORE ABT ERWIN BRO
I WAS THINKIFN, like if I had that dude as a teacher??? I wouldn’t pass that year. Guaranteed fail, I’d be waayyy too distracted. And you can bet I’d be doing those visits during like lunch breaks or whatever times to come back to his class and check in bc UGHHH THAT MAN IS SO FOOIIINNEEEE 😭😭 it’s illegal. I would be so done. Better be glad some fictional characters ain’t real.

and like with this as dusk falls thing, like thats totally the 13 reasons why kid but like
i like the way his character, i think its because of the way his persona contrasts with the others
and i think i like how like, im not sure its the timidness of him and that other guy who's been sober for two years (kudos to him) or if its the way they aren't as aggressive and loud and mean ... yea its probably that.
i guess i like the softies.
but i dont like like idk like ugh no i dont know what im tryna say here. lowkey backtracking from that bold statement but i *think* its the truth.
i mean there was arumee and ohhh but i wasnt a fan of midobroriya in fact i kinda hated him but admired his smarts or just studious qualities at the same time as i slandered him
idkkk i dont like scummy people though, or just the ones who lie their way away from the truth of their actions rather than being honest about it. i think thats why i wasnt as annoyed at the bakugo character, he still sucks bc wow that is some L ego and heartless behavior
ugh, i dont care anymore.

anyway my point is that for those reasons, i kinda like those characters the most rn. the cop is terrible, obviously uncaring of the ppl in danger cuz he needs to save his own behind due to incriminating crap with his name on it or something. uhhh wifee in the wrong and also like u know dead. kid is safe, i guess. gramps is... idk. the dad is not bad, been through some crap, a cuck. uhhh that woman probably has some ties to ole sheriff man (maybe had that kid wit him???hmm???), and the sober dude idkk i like him. he also has low blood sugar. uhhh the youngest bro. animal whisperer. not as confrontational but there for his family and his family alone (when it comes to motive). uhh the oldest, the leader, slightly unpredictable (violence is off and on, too smart to be duped ig) but thinks more than the other young brother. the middle(?) been to juvie for minor thing of stealing or something, guess he hurt someone too and didnt learn his lesson abt not crossing the law. basically an idiot but an idiot with a gun and violent tendencies/emotions. does not care about animals and mightve shot zeus if they werent careful. has a girl he wants to get with, dumby. is a menace. their dad has a debt. mother left unmentioned. guessing the youngest got dragged into this even tho he wanted to safely assist his family, doesnt seem to *want* to hurt ppl (tried keeping little girl safe), doesnt want to go to jail (shoulda stayed home then jit).

but yeah i be having a little thing for the history, ela and science teachers a lot of the time, its a problem...
like its never a real thing, i just feel very like chill with them. feel like theyre dependable. u know?
always wanna tiptoe some line in just not caring and making sure im not bothering mgs but honestly?? thats what theyre there for lolll if they didnt wanna get bothered they wouldve chose another job, or shouldve. not my problem.

i think too much. dont mind it.