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2022-08-03 20:35:10 (UTC)

I have a thing for—

I have a thing for comfort and pity.

The idea of feel broken, in pain, or empty and there being someone who just holds you and tells you it’s okay and it’ll be over soon and “I know”
Except I wouldn’t show that sort of display to anyone Im not especially intimate with or trusting of.

Then again, I might also have a thing for dismissal. The one scene from that movie of that father nodding and humming as though he was listening even though his attention was on his work? It was something. Buuuttt I was not thinking about that in the way it was given so I guess it doesn’t count. I’m uninterested in that train of thought in this era.

So yeah it circles back to the comfort thing. I like the idea of being held and comforted. In fact, I really want to feel that safe with someone.

Unfortunately, I can’t get that right now.

On another note. Only 28 days before I’m cured.