Evolving marriage
2022-08-03 18:02:20 (UTC)

Sex till 3am

Dear Diary,
Its about Noon. Soaked in the tub, got dressed, put on some makeup, straightened up the living room, made some eggs and an Acai bowl. I was hungry!

After husband got off work yesterday, he was trying to find a series for us to watch but couldnt find it, we will have to subscribe to be able to watch it, so we ended up watching some 70s-80sish Italian porn flick. The dubbing of the moans of the woman didnt match the actresses! It was funny but still erotic, we made up our own text for some of it. We had already had dinner and were camped out together on the couch. Part way through it husband began to reach down my shirt, as I was laying next to him with my head on his lap. He quickly moved down to my shorts and reached in to touch me. I get so turned on quickly most days. He needed to get up to use the restroom so we opted to take it to the bedroom where I said he could do anything he wanted. He got out a toy, and a sleeve, and I laid down the blanket, we got a nice pet blanket that is waterproof etc to throw down to protect our bedding, mattress, couch, wherever you play. We use a lot of coconut oil too for lube and that will just make everything have oil marks. So this started well before dark, but after dinner. We were in our room for the rest of the evening. He used the toys on me and fucked me with the sleeve on at first. We alternated from that, to playing music, talking and laughing, to having sex again later, but this time he used a toy, but then alternated using himself and I said "Am I being fucked by 2 cocks right now?" and he said YES! and he did try to Double P me with the toy and himself, but it was a bit too much. So he backed off on that. But hey I give him credit for trying! It isnt impossible, but just some things you have to work up too.

We have been talking about our past sex lives, etc after doing the questions, and we have elaborated more on some, well I guess I should say I ask him lots of questions. Im curious, I like details, he doesnt really ask me anything about myself in detail, which I wish he would, so he doesnt know as much about certain aspects, because he doesnt mutually show interest during our talks, and he says "Well I figure if you want me to know you will tell me" and I told him that wasnt true, and he said "Maybe part of me doesnt want to know, and I also dont want to feel like Im interrogating you" and I told him it was a non issue, hes referring to my abusive ex who grilled me and used my words against me all the time so I didnt trust him. My husband now? Hes nothing like that, after 20 yrs together, you know by now if your partner is an abusive ahole.

He slept with this girl, who just turned 18 and wanted to strictly have sex right away and hit up my guy, this was probably in the yr before we got together. ANd he said he fucked her and had about 8 orgasms ( a record in his life he said) and that it was just all day and night, over and over. He had been dumped by his previous gf after she told friends she was just using him for sex but wasnt commited and so he was upset over that. So he just was sport fucking now as he put it. He said she ended up sleeping with both of his buddies. The guys Im friends with also. He also told me another gal, from the days when we all hung out and I was married, I was talking about her and he said he and his other buddy almost had a 3 some with her. But it didnt happen, hes never had a 3some, neither have I. It was never on the table or an interest or any of that in my past history. Ive never kissed or made our or done anything with a female either. Not that I think its gross or anything, it just never came up or an opportunity. But Ive always had affectionate huggy gfs and friends Ive cuddled with or held hands and hugged.

So back to last night, when I was on my back on the edge of the bed and he was alternating a toy and then himself, he got so hard, to the point I said "Is that just you?" as when he uses other things they feel different, but it was strictly him, he was pounding me hard and deep and it felt so good. He ended up cumming during that, second time for the night.

We laid in bed, talked, music, seemed like he was about to fall asleep. I was still frisky and had the toy and he laughed and said "Your insatiable"

I told him I wanted to hear more about the night he fucked the young girl, he said it was so hard and her bed had wheels and it moved around the room. That turned me on, I wanted more detail but he didnt have much else to give as he said the girl wasnt into giving blow jobs or allowing him to do oral, she giggled and pulled him back up.

We just talked, in the dark, hes spooning me and I felt him get hard against my ass, as I think we are falling asleep, so I grinded back against it, softly, and more, and it grew harder as hes talking, and at one point he just pressed his cock into me from my behind and it was GAME ON once again. I laugh at time, this had to be around 11pm? or closer to midnight, I dont know. What I do know, is it was 3am by the time we stopped!! Woah

This is a work night, he has to be up at 7am. And this is the second late niter we have had this wk. THIS IS UNHEARD OF! THis man used to get mad at me for wanting sex at night, said he was too tired, had nothing to give, told me "Why do you always wait till 10-11pm to have sex??" and be pissed off, hed never have in the middle of the night sex, grumped about sex at night, you name it. That used to be my life. Now I have a husband who can fuck me before bed, who can get less sleep and who can also have sex with me in the middle of the night, Well hello there! Where did you come from??? He said today "Now dont go thinking this is a normal occurrence!" I said "I Know" but I do realize this is twice in one wk, hmmm whats happening here? :)

Oh and I forgot to add, I asked him to place his hands on my neck/throat area. I have been wondering about breath play and have been afraid of it, but have heard more and more, I dont want him to choke me, and he knows that, just wanted pressure to see how it felt. Im really wanting to delve a little more rough at times. I like restraint, even more then spanking, he didnt know that till we did some questions the other night. He thought I liked the spanking more. Nope, tie me up baby! pin my arms over my head, hold them behind my back, yank my hair and direct my head where you want me. All that really gets me super turned on.

He wakes up in the am and says "Thank you for engaging me in my whims of fancy" or something funny the next day, or for indulging his Kink or something like that and I tell him, Im quite happy to, his kinks are mine, so I am enjoying it.

We have yet to be taken off guard or put off by anything the other partner wants to do sexually.

I like him being more and more expressive, getting comfortable in his skin and his own body, embracing his sexuality, encouraging him to feel confidant. Ive told him hes a catch, that if we were at a Swinger event, he would get a lot of attn, his body is NICE, his tatts and piercings are NICE, his voice is so sexy. That would be my fear, he would get more action then me, and go to his head and since hes Aspie/OCD he tends to fixate on things when he gets into them, and could you imagine another woman being that? We do talk about this stuff openly together, we are both intrigued by the idea of swinging, but also we are both terrified at the same time. Ive told him I have no interest in making a profile or hooking up with a couple at this stage of my life, but I like listening to the stories and podcasts, and Im interested in going to an Adult type of resort or a Meet a Greet (where its that, no expectation to hook up, thats for you to figure out on your own if you click with others) the podcasters hold them. And to be honest, I got a invite to go to one in Vegas right around when we went, it was the wk after our trip, but we ended up sick both of us after Vegas, so we wouldnt have been able to attend that following wknd anyways as we were sick, but I sorta kick myself, knowing we could have met up with some of these sexy people we listen too and more then one set of couples in a social meet and greet. Oh well, another time perhaps?

Husband and I have said, if we ever decided to take the plunge, it would probably be organic and wed both be in agreement.

Seriously, at this rate, I think we should just make our own podcast, we love sex, we love talking, we have a house with extra rooms where could even make our own podcast studio. And we have winters where we are cooped up a lot, who knows what the future holds right?

So Im taking it easy today since Im running on little sleep. Have to write in 4 condolence cards to my family with the loss of my Uncle and go drop those off at the post office, thats my mission for the day as I want to write to all of them in the cards personally a note.

Im supposed to be getting the cube light for our bedroom today, and some knee socks and panties I ordered (They are sorta japaneese inspired) the panties, and the socks are to go with the Sailor Moon getup, white knee socks with pink and blue stripe along the top.

We have our beach place book for Jan, and I sorta wish I did book the other house, but it was seriously another $2000 for a month to get it. But the other house had a great outdoor entertaining area, with a jacuzzi, outdoor kitchen, etc. I think it had a pool table too. And Im like hmm it would be more of a swinger pad. But I have to say, the house we are staying in for the 4th time now, had a Cal King size bed, its huge and sits up at a height perfect to have sex on the edge of the bed, and really, that bed, was the start to our sex life improving as we had sex in that bed daily almost on that trip last year. Husband started to relax and chill and be able to have sex with me more, I was the only one on hormones then and horny, he was not, but was doing well keeping up with me more and more. It was that trip where I think we really connected again deeper as a couple, having the most sex we had ever had, being alone together without all of our home distractions for a month, and he worked from home part of it, but was able to walk on the beach after work, and eat great food at the boardwalk and walk with me daily, wonderful time! We started to really ramp up the kink after that trip when we got back home. That was before we had all the toys and kinky stuff really or I was sharing much of it. I kept some toys hidden I bought as I was afraid hed judge me.

Well Im gonna call it quits for now, I told him we will probably have to pull another early to bed tonight, he said 'Sounds like a plan"

Ill make tacos just before hes about to get off work, and then we can chill. I said to him again "Gosh, how long can we keep this up???" He said "Until we die" and I liked that answer, its just so crazy seeing how we are now, how you can go through this long together and not have had all of this type of sexual desire, passion, being so horny until midlife, and we are doing it together! Not just one of us, and the other frustrated and alone and searching for an affair. We get to live all this out together, and we are having a blast doing so.

If your partner is having libido issues, lack of interest in desire, sex, pain with intercourse, ed, etc.. go see a Hormone dr, we are using bio identical hormones, and many drs now do telehealth and you can do it online, Bio Identical are plant based and not synthetic. Male or female. it can help both partners equally.