Slowly descending into madness
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2022-08-03 15:08:40 (UTC)

Hyper sexuality

Found something that truly resonates with me. Good to know thyself.

Because you believe sex is the only way anyone could possibly connect to others. Because sex is the only kind of intimacy you’re “any good at”. Because you’re high/drunk all the time. Because you associate sex with danger and you don’t believe you’re allowed to be safe. Because you feel so bad so much of the time that sex/orgasm is the only way to calm down or feel good anymore. Because you’ve been re-targeted by other abusers/perpetrators who can tell you don’t know how to say no. Because sex is physically or emotionally painful for you and you’re using sex to self-harm.

Hyper-sexuality after trauma is way more common than anyone wants to believe, and it can happen for so, so many different reasons. These are just a few.