Evolving marriage
2022-08-02 20:12:30 (UTC)

Good Night Sleep

Dear Diary,
Sitting on the couch, icing my thighs, just had my shower and got all cleaned up. Have to ice my legs and ass after the fascia blaster as they can ache or bruise.

Started on the lawns yesterday, since its been raining every few days, the grass was getting thick, and leaves are falling already some and making a mess, so cleaned up some of that, we had guests for the vacation rental, from Germany. They showed up over 4 hrs early. That is an issue with vacation rentals, have had it happen before, and its often new people on the sites. I told them it wasnt ready so they just parked their car and went and walked to get something to eat. Super nice people though.

I finished up the back lawn today, I did go for a walk and do some laps around the track at the school until a group of guys stood around a truck parked by the track (doing construction work) but they were RIGHT there and it felt awkward walking in front of them doing my laps so I headed out and walked back home then started the rest of the yard work.

So after my last entry, neither of us had a good nights sleep and were tired after sex in the middle of the night, initiated by hubby (which is a rare occurance!) and it wasnt a quicky. But man we were tired the next day, I had done lawn work, checked in guests, and I had a city meeting, ate dinner just before it and left hubby some in the oven. When I got home, we got on the couch, talked after his work day and I didnt have much brain power to even think, and had a little headache. So we opted to each bite half a gummie and go get in bed. It was just after 8pm. We found something to watch, he went to cut his hair and I got comfy and found this series called "Safe Word" and we started that. I passed out halfway thru it. Slept all night and woke up at 5:30am. I figure I was asleep a little after 9pm, so I felt loads better today.

Doing laundry now and relaxing but need to run to the Pharmacy and a prescription and some cards to send to my relatives of my Uncle on his passing. Will run and do that shortly

I love this weather, with the clouds rolling in every afternoon, supposed to be rain tomm.

So this Safe Word series, pretty hot if your a female and into bdsm type stuff. Its a series, I watched more this am and got to episode 4. Husband only saw the first one, Nina Hartley is in it, and my husband said she is some of his oldest and fond porn memories watching her in the past. The scene with her and the woman, she is introducing to BDSM, wow, it was hot. Second time Ive seen this in a series, where a woman is the Dom with a sub woman, women wanting to experience it. So hopefully we can watch more tonight after work, see what hubby thinks of the other episodes. Story line is the lady is a director, playwright, and gets a new guy in the building and above her, floor is leaking into her place water and she goes up as hes moving in and the door is open, but she walks into a bdsm thing going on and they dont know shes there and she hides and watches... the neighbor is a porn actor she later finds out(they have met in the elevator)

So there is a bit of the actual story that started it, but after she saw how they were together in the bdsm, she got curious and goes to this woman, a professional to introduce her to it.... and well it goes from there. Good production and sets and acting also, more legit, but also raw sex scenes, etc

Just listening to the podcast and almost getting to the end, and went to listen to the last episode of That COuple Next Door and they are taking it all down off of podcast sites, etc, due to the husbands job, travel, etc. So it will be gone soon! So Im trying to hurry and finish, but you can pay to hear them on Patreon. Im finally just getting to 2021, but have heard their entire podcasts from the beginning. Im at Episode 63 right now. They were just in Vegas for the previous episode. Ill have to find another podcast to listen too soon! I love listening to podcasts when I go about my day, in the car, while exercising, while working outside, etc.

Just spoke to my big sis, she got wierd because I didnt talk to her the rest of the wk and after my trip, I just missed her calls, and new she was working and was going to call her yesterday but have been doing yard work in the ams, she works and only has a 2 hr phone window to possibly talk on wkdys, so it doesnt always line up. I just find it weird when people call me sounding concerned they havent heard back from me. She does that now and then, but then she can go a wk or more and I cant reach her and she wont answer, and then she says she doesnt feel social or doesnt feel good and just blows everyone off. I worry about her as she lives alone and already has had a stroke, so when periods like that happen, I just want to check on her and make sure shes okay, but I dont call her and say that, but she will call me and do that.

Also my gf, D, sent me a text near 11pm, saying she was thinking of me and sending me pictures and her art studio and how she has found her happy place and all this. Mind you, she usually goes to bed early, doesnt like to talk at night, so we rarely do, usually in the am is the best time to chat with her. Shes probably the closest gf I have, she moved to another state recently. Just up and moved and bought a house site unseen in a place she has never lived. We have been friends for over 25 yrs. Anyways, I didnt respond, she does this when she drinks in the eve. Shes really flighty, and well the next day I get a text "Are you okay???" I said "Yes, just busy" I have never had her do that before, I have called her so many times and she doesnt answer, we dont talk every wk, maybe once a month? Shes about 10 plus yrs older then me. married many times and finally single for the first time and appears to be managing that, which Im glad for, hated to see her marry every guy she hooked up with, but shes in the church and its the moral thing as her rush to get married for sex. So yeah...

So it just takes me by surprise when people are like "Are you okay? I havent heard from you??" when Im so used to them being so unpredictable and unable to reach at times and they dont show that level of interest in me, all the sudden they do? Hmm just makes me wonder what that is about.

And sometimes people call while we are having sex, Im not going to answer it, Im not going to say what Im doing, Im with my best friend, the person who is always here with me. Who I am enjoying so much. And I dont tell my gfs or my sis about my sex life, so they have no idea, but they know Im on hormones now, but havent asked me any sex or libido questions.

My big sis hasnt been in a relationship for a long time YEARS, and have no idea the last time she has had sex and she works so much and is exhausted. So yeah

Ive never had a female friend to talk about sex with in all my life, not my sisters or Mom either, just didnt happen and isnt comfortable

I logged into my oldest email acct, it still works! I was thinking of some old friends, havent talked to in a long time, had their old emails in that acct. One all the emails bounced back, another went thru but havent heard anything, and just sent off another one to another old friend from the gym to say hello, will see if anyone responds, its probably been almost 10 yrs or much longer that Ive spoken to these people. Would be interesting to see where they are at now in life. I used to hang out with a group from the gym, work out together, and even met up in Vegas with them all, rode in a limo, etc. It was a bunch of couples, all older then me, they used to go to Mexico. Nobody ever hit on me, but now I wonder, hmmm were they swingers??? haha, I think that now about so many people. THey were so tight knit and hung out and worked together most of them. But super nice to me, J the main guy is who I wrote, he is the one who approached me in the gym at first and showed me how to use proper form or ways to do things and would encourage me to up my weight, and we would talk, I was dealing with my ex and divorce, and he was such a good ear and support and give feedback, older guy, but super cool. We met up with him and his wife, another couple (The gal and her man, the ones who introduced me to gym guy I dated a bit) and there was another single woman, and 2 other guys, all older then me, probably 10 plus yrs or so, but super cool and friendly people and gym regulars. Was never hit on or anything. Just cool people.

Well the day is getting away from me, need to run out and do my errand, the clouds are rolling in!