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2022-08-02 01:14:25 (UTC)


When sexuality comes into play, the only thing I would realistically want is small physical contacts.

Romantically? I’m attracted to aspects/traits, but not ppl themselves (ig??) as long as I don’t know them (idk. ).
Like it’s been someone’s physical appearance that I really liked.
Their intelligence/the way they use their minds in situations.
The way they hold themselves, expressive-wise, or actual way they stand 😭 idk bro.

but I never fantasize about a person based on those things. In fact I’ve never willingly fantasize about anyone I like for those things.

So I like just those traits.

See I say all this bc I was watching this fng vid right and the bros manage to do the one puzzle they couldn’t do after like 3 tries before and I rly was unable to tell if the like, big feeling (😭) I felt from the way they did that was just second-hand gratification from them finishing the task or if I was like amazed by their teamwork (it wasn’t that hard of a puzzle so I feel like that def isn’t it) or if I was attracted to the way they did that so smoothly (BROO🫣 LIKE. JOJO DID THAT BROO).

I don’t knowww
And it reminds me of rage too
Like when bro did facecam for the first time or the second- third? Time that I was actually there, it was like.
Idkkk I just.
Like I don’t love the mf but like THATS MY FAV CONTENT CREATOR 😭😭 LOVE HIM
but not like that. I’m not. yeah. Like omggg, him 😍 but like in that fan joking kinda way.

So I’m wondering if it’s the same here. Some sort of admiration Maybe? Like wow they rly did that, W teamwork ??

Idk but that moment just.
It was probs the way jojo gave those directions so easily. But that was due to him having been on the other side once, I think.
Easier visualization and all.

But yeah that mess had me holding my invisible pearls like dangggg

I’m not here for all that attraction crap (I think I’m in love). It’s either hot or it’s not, thank you and goodbye.