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2022-07-31 01:45:58 (UTC)

Back Where We Began


I guess I should probably update you on the situation with Jaylan and my grandmas funeral so errrr… the funeral happened. There were a good amount of people there and it was at the same place as my grandpa's funeral. Jaylan was pretty cool the whole time/not crying constantly so that’s good. They had an adorable great dog which was cute. The funeral itself was a bit boring but it’s a funeral so that’s to be expected. I kept seeing these random old ladies rubbing Jaylan’s shoulders and back and shit after literally saying “I know you don’t remember me but…” like wtf? I get that they’re trying to be nice but tell me that’s not creepy? Whatever.

After the funeral, we all went to the grave site and they started the whole thing 10 minutes early so almost a third of us missed it. In the end, we all put roses and carnations on her ashes and went home. Just kidding! Then we went back to the funeral home for a lunch in. It was alright but I ended up just taking to Jaylan and his aunt most of the time. My aunt made floral arrangements and my cousin Mason ended up eating babies breath and roses. I ended up joining in and by the end, we’d both taken huge bites of roses lol. You'd think it'd be over by then right? Me too, and so would most people, but you'd be wrong! After that around 1/3 of us went to my house to... idk, mourn some more? Nobody was really sad, we're a Mexican family, we don't dwell on their death, we celebrate their life! I brought out my Guinea pig for the littler kids and Gianna (cousin) to play with and feed and we also got to play on the trampoline. I got to meet Jaylans new siblings which was cool. The youngest is a boy, the middle is a girl, and the oldest is also a girl who I have not met. The boy seems to take a pretty good interest in Jaylan and is definitely looking forward to having an older brother, the little girl was nice too, although not showing a particular interest in him. Overall they seem super nice!

Today Jaylan went over to stay at Stevens for a week (the guy who's adopting him). He left early in the morning so I didn't get to say goodbye to him or anything but he's only staying for a week before coming back here for at least a day or two so I'm not too worried. It's almost like were right back where we began. Jaylan and Grandma seem so far away, I'm still worried for his mental health in general, and I feel like absolute shit for no apparent reason other than the fact that I can't magically fix everything. At least I've got a cat with me now though. For the time being, Midnight is staying with us and he's such a good cat! He's friendly, playful, and just everything good! He reminds me of Gentleman... wherever he went... But now's not the time to be all mushy about my kitty I guess, I've got more news or whatever.

Today I started crocheting! Well it was technically yesterday but I barely got anything done. I got some fluffy pink, blue, and magenta yarn and this kit with a few crochet hooks, yarn needles, some placeholders, a book that taught me literally nothing, and some more random stuff that I didn't bother to learn how to use from walmart. I literally spent all day either helping my mom clean out the basement for the construction going on (that I'll explain more later) or in my room, crocheting. First, I made a wonky little kawaii octopus, then I made a teddy bear! Well, I'm only around 2/5 done with it but I'm pretty proud of it so far. It's a bit weirdly spaced and because of the type of yarn I used it's wayyyy bigger than intended, but that just means I get to hug it better! I'm so excited! I'll leave links to the videos at the end of this entry and a photo of my two stuffed animals once they're done (so probably in the next entry).

I guess the only thing left to discuss rn really is the construction. I'm pretty tired and it's 2:40 AM so Imma make it quick. We're getting a bathroom put in out basement where my dads office used to be, which is causing a small wall to be built in the old doorway and a doorway to be put in somewhere else. After that, we're getting another wall put in our "gaming room"/downstairs family room that will cut it in half. We'll take the bar out from there and add a door in that wall. And with that we'll be done!... with the construction part. Where the bar was will become my parents' room, my dad's old office will become a bathroom, I'll get my parent's old room, Hailey'll get my room, and her room will become the gaming room or whatever. I'm not sure what we're doing with the other half of the old gaming room once there's a wall there but I'll keep you updated. I'm off to sleep then. Nighty night!

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