no name
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2022-07-31 23:55:15 (UTC)

no judgement, just improvement, type beat

Its all okaY
Gotta stop the mimicry tho
and dont use words that have negative/offensive connotations loosely
dont wanna hurt anyone or spawn insecurity in other ppl just cuz i got too much judgement directed at myself
let ppl be

im a lil bro.

on my impulsive crap.
can apologize.
can learn
can make good habits.
evryhings fine
im kinda shaky. am i hungry?? i ate today. had a starbucks uhh danish thing, half a frappe, uhh a zaxby sandwich, uhh a rice crispey treat, uhhh yeahh i think i had more treats. alll i remember

arms weak legs are heavy i will never vomit (at all) on this sweater (already) moms spaghetti (we got some ig but ion rly want nun)

a general feeling of weakness
in conclusion, dont mimic people that you don't know like that and/or arent ok widdit, or just dont at all for risk of offense. guess its a family thing. also, dont call ppl weird for doing things that aren't rly weird. weird things are weird. normal, personal things are normal and personal.