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2022-07-25 11:18:48 (UTC)

Random Stuff Unrelated To Everything Going On


This entry is going to be a bit shorter because of all that’s going on. I don’t have time to write much but I’ll try. I’ll make up for the shortness with a lighter tone, some happy stuff to contrast everything going on lately TUT

Idk how to start this so I’ll just tell you. I’ve been seeing this lady on my YouTube shorts that’s making a temperature blanket. My mom knows some basic crocheting techniques and it looked interesting so I would like to try making one. I’ve been looking all over for color ideas and all that and I think I’m just going to do your basic rainbow blanket. Of course I’m not sure what I’m going to do and I don’t know if I’ll even do it but that looks the prettiest. I hate to be a Scrooge but I see a bunch of people with these ugly browns and weird rainbow shades and I’m not doing any of that. Just bright rainbow colors! Preferably very fluffy! Ooo or I could make one out of 3D flowers. I see those too and I LOVE them. Idk though, I’ll keep you updated.

It was Ari’s birthday the other day so that was fun. It was at her new house in Medina. We went in the pool and watched some TV, it was fun. I got her a volleyball net pool float and I ended up blowing it up and setting it up for her. I enjoyed it though, I like a good challenge. We also played this tortilla slap game thing where we stood in a circle and played Rock Paper Scissors to see who gets to slap who with a tortilla. Everyone was nice at first but by the end they were all still nice except for when slapping me super hard. I ended up getting two of them back pretty good but I’ve started crying. I feel bad but they hit me HARD. I got to pet Ari’s cats though so it was all okay. Apparently they like me better than most people. That makes me happy ^^

Okay so it’s a long time later, like a few days at least, and I’m sorry for that. This is already a full entry and my grandmas funeral already happened so I’ll probably just talk a bit about it at the end of this entry or in a new one.

I’m at Riley and Jacey’s moms house with Kiarra rn and it’s crazy. Riley and jacey both just got braces and the difference is obvious. Jacey is just acting like Jacey, perfectly normal, but Riley is constantly either crying or yelling and she was emotional before but now she’s cried over a pizza slice at least 3 times today. There’s also this “really embarrassing” video of Riley that they keep talking about but won’t let me see or describe it to me. Like, I’ve been friends with you for almost 10 years now! Never once have we fought, never once have we seriously judged each other, everything’s always been amazing! Why now are we keeping things? I’m not even the type of person to care what I know or don’t know but they keep bringing it up and I honestly just want to tel them how much they’re overreacting but Riley literally cried and begged Jacey to not describe it to me. I don’t even care that much, I guess I’ll just be in the dark forever then lol

I also got to hold their gecko and dwarf hamster. The leopard gecko is named Ziggy and he’s soooooo cute! He’s not super unique looking but goddamn do I think he’s adorable! I’d totally ask my mom for one if I didn’t just get the Guinea pig. Actually, my parents are pretty lenient and it’s not like I don’t take care of my animals so maybe I could ask them for one for my birthday. It’s three months away~ Nahhhhh I’m not sure if I’d even want one that bad. They’re cute but are they worth pissing my parents off over? Maybe a frog or a snake? I don’t know…

Aside from that though, I went to the mall with Riley and Kiarra today! Now I’m spending the night at Brandys (Riley’s mom) as you know. The only problem is, I feel like a salute shit. I threw up a bit in the bathroom, my stomach hurts, and I can’t fall asleep! My hands are shaky because of how much I wanna just not exist. And I was sooooo looking forward to going home tomorrow morning but no! My parents are working and my grandma can’t pick me up so I’m screwed. This sucks

It’s the next day again and things are going better. I did some deep breathing and pressure point shit and I was good to go till like 5 AM. I read some fanfiction, wrote some fanfiction, then slept till like 2 PM. Riley literally slept till 5 though so at least I’m not that bad? Idk. I should probably finish this entry up though so buh bye!

~ Gentleman