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2022-07-30 12:22:18 (UTC)


Is self harm always an addiction?
I don’t think I’m addicted. Maybe I went a little crazy when I got those knives from dollar tree, but I don’t rly care since they got taken away so soon.
After losing those, I haven’t done much besides the occasional scratching till a dot of blood or just scratching for scars.
Barely even self harm, i feel like.
It’s a coping mechanism. I don’t do much anymore. I found different tools to use for it. I mean, even before I found those knives I was using a safety pin to literally scratch all over my thighs. And before that it was using rubber bands on my wrist.

I’ve been in this for longer than I originally thought. 2 years? Shorter than that but enough to tell me that much.

I don’t think I’m addicted.

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