Evolving marriage
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2022-07-28 05:51:37 (UTC)

Butt plugs & Breast Pumps

Dear Diary,
Im back home, my gf wasnt feeling well so we didnt meet up this am, so I ended up hitting the road and left early, made it easier for traffic, got home tonight before dark. Listened to sexy podcasts all the way back. On the last stretch I was touching my nipples and rubbing them under my shirt driving home.

I got home and had a pile of packages that arrived, hugged husband and kissed and just stood there a bit, then he had to go do something and I started to open my packages. A metal pinwheel to roll along the skin, stainless steel heart butt plugs in 3 sizes, a breast pump, a vibrator, tan colored thigh highs with lace tops, some pantyhose, some black boots... yep, all fun stuff.

The vibrator is meh? the butt plugs I like, the largest one is a big! But I got it in, tried it this eve.

The breast pump, well tried that out, and I was wet, not enough to really produce much but it was wet under my nipples when I took it off. Ive had light milk in my breasts for over 20 yrs since having kids, its been small amounts, and has gotten less and less, but has never fully gone away, and its just tiny droplets if you milk them a bit. So I was googling lactation and there is a whole forum and kink on erotic lactation. You can breastfeed without even being pregnant, along as there is constant stimulation every 3-4 hrs for 10-20 min, varying info out there. And it can take about 2 mos to start if you keep pumping and stimulating them, well I already have droplets so Im ahead of the game, so I have done for 20 min on them and will see what happens.

So husband showed me a new sleeve he got and he also got a dildo that you insert and it has a pump to make it larger when its inside of you, can be used for male or female, pussy or ass, its pretty cool, said he used it yesterday, I said "I bet you masterbated while I was gone" He said yes and I made him tell me about it, he did it twice, I didnt do it at all, thats a record for me to go almost 3 days without it. I wanted to! But I didnt pack any toys, I caressed my breasts of course during the night when I woke up, and I was going to rub my pussy this am and then realized , bad idea in my friends bed, the sheets would smell of me and so would my fingers and you know the scent, its sometimes hard to mask and I didnt want to do that so I stopped.

We were in the bedroom and he pushed me up against the wall and kissed me, then he dropped his shorts and undid mine and had me bend over on the bed and he entered me from behind and fucked me like that and it was heaven. Just fucking me, we were kissing some before hand and he was rubbing my breasts and I was quivering, just hungry to be sexual with him again after our break for a few days, thats a lot for us!

I stopped at a diff dispensary on the way home, really big and nice one and hubby put in the order and I picked it up. So we have some new edibles to try.

I think I wrote that my friend C I stayed with is taking edibles himself also on the wknds for sleep and Im sure more as I know how it makes me feel.

Husband then had me turn over on my back and continued to fuck me, and that went on and then he ended up on the bed and I rode him, he sucked and played with my nipples. I had him pull my hair and when he did I got super wet, you could hear it, he was hitting my G spot so it was a tiny bit of squirting, Im a dribbler more then a squirter but he was totally banging into my g spot. And we continued that for a bit, he was feeling a little urpy as he had just eaten fast food before I got home and its hard when Im riding him, so I told him "lets switch gears" and I got my flavored lube, the hitachi, and had him turn on his side and I scooted down with my face in front of his cock, and I took him in my mouth, sucked and he said how much hes missed this. I got in there and held and rubbed his balls while sucking him and using my tongue up and down the shaft as Im sucking, once I go deeper into my mouth he starts to go crazy and then I just suck him with enthusiasm and like a hoover vacuum. Had the vibrator on my clit and he was pull my head against him, which does turn me on, and he came and I just gulped it all down. I didnt want to let off, but hes typically done and sensitive, but man I wanted to stay and try for round 2. He literally was out of it, and never recovered and passed out. I just kissed him, told him I loved him and "Night Night" and he never got up to clean up, brush his teeth, etc, he just passed out. So Ive had the eve to myself. I took an epsom salt bath with essential oils, soaked, listened to podcasts, ate chocolate, did the fascia blaster on my abdomen and legs, shaved my arm pits as I forgot my razor on my trip. I didnt shave my pubic area or bikini, its grown out several days and I think I want to wax it, so have to let it grow a bit for the wax to adhere. Ive told hubby Im going to wax his ass one of these days, to make it even more tasty for licking and rimming. So I pulled out my wax pot and refilled it, I havent used it in yrs, but I have 2 things of wax and all the supplies, used to do it more often. So I am going to do it myself again and my legs. Im also trying to sculpt a landing strip of hair and manicure it, Ive been seeing some girls in porn are having some hair but all shaped, etc. And did you know that hair over the vagina heightens sensations? My husband calls my little top of hair my Hit let mustache, ha, so I want to turn it into a landing strip of hair, but you can also do a triangle and that is cute, just above the vagina in the pubic bone area.

So I have been on the couch, did some more facia blasting on my butt and back of thighs, doing the crayon and poke and wiggle method (google it) and then applied arnica and sat on an ice pack as I bruise from doing that.I did the breast pump just before I wrote this and I also wore the large butt plug, was thinking of leaving it in all night (is that okay?) And sleeping with no panties on and wondering what hubby would do in the am feeling up against me and the plug in my ass.

But I took it out, it was a bit one, a little difficult to get in and out, but I lubed it with coconut oil,

I went to get up in the am and hit the track, do my laps, and start running again soon, I need to get the rest of this weight off and sculp my legs more,. My husband has a rowing machine and I told him Id start using it, he has to show me how but he said its a great workout and works almost everything in your body.

I cant wait for the wknd, sexy time, lounging on the couch together, listening to bedroom pop music on spotify.. eating , sex, and just enjoying each other, I look so forward to our wknds.

Nice to be home, it was raining when I arrived, nice :)