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me and my life
2022-07-27 18:49:15 (UTC)

yubu is ...hmmm

Today Yubu kinda lost his patience towards my attitude. For these many days he did not even bother to ask what is wrong? also he took me in a wrong way because he did not ask me or clear the things. He thought am someone with such other random girls. he told me that I didn't knew u were like other girls with such drama. i feel so sad that he did not even try to understand me. Am sad because I feel ignored by him when he did not revert to my msgs. I Love him he is far all I want is his attention. His calls makes me feel is like an attendance. is what exactly he told me that i make an attendance to his calls. also he told me that something bad happened but I wont tell u because of your such behavior. he is something beyond my understanding. he always act to make a safer side for him. he is of course a darling and a nice guy but definitely not as I think he is. he is not that appreciative, not romantic may be too much practical. I don't I really don't know him or does he know me much. I feel very lonely. I really made a fool of myself by behaving what I behaved. He did not even cared to ask or pamper me for even 1 % is making me more sad. Maybe I was wrong. I don't know but its making me go bonkers. I cried too...
He is also all cool after our kinda argument. he is normal but i take time to be normal.. I just wasn't feeling like talking to him.