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2022-07-27 05:59:28 (UTC)

Good Friends and Family

Dear Diary,
Had a very full day of visiting with friends and my son.

First visited K as I wrote earlier

Then went to visit Mr S. Hes 91! He was there, store open, hes no longer driving and his leg was swollen and wrapped. I wondered if he even recognized me and thought perhaps maybe his memory is going, so I walk over, hes slumped in his chair and I said "Hello, do you remember me?" He said "Well of course I do...." and went on to ask how life is in my new state, etc. We ended up talking for well over an hour or so. Lots of great stories, as I was walking out we stood in the doorway, holding his hand and thinking this may be the last time I see him also, and these are the moments that are important also. Just like I got to have 3 separate visits with my Uncle over the past yr or so before he died, I spent more time with him then any of my siblings before he died. And I have to remember that is whats most important, the things we do when we are living.

I drove back to the blvd and went into the bakery I used to always go to for a snack and then went to the other bizz to see G, she was there! And we hugged and talked for about an hour, her husband also and the other gal S who works there, we all used to work together at another shop over 10 plus yrs ago.

After that it was about time for meeting up with my son, we figured we would go to dinner and I went by to pick him up at his place. Hes a very handsome and tall guy. Hes late 20s now, we were going to try for Sushi but they were closed, so we went to a Brewery and sat outside together and hung out till about 10pm and I dropped him back off at his place and hugged him goodbye, it was a good visit. And he did ask me if his brother is still blaming the world for his problems, everyone else and said that he is also bugging his Dad also and sending him the same nonsense Im getting via text, and I said "Does your Dad get all spun out?" He said "yes" I said and does he respond? He said "Yes" and I said, "Yeah see I dont when he starts doing that" and I even said to my husband "IM sure hes doing the same thing to his Dad right now" when all the nasty texts come at me.

We also visited with my ex's Aunt and Uncle, spent about 2 hrs there (before dinner) we stopped on the way over. They said they want to come visit me in new state at our vacation rental, will see if they take me up on the offer, we have offered for friends/family to come stay for free just give us a heads up so we can block out time. But so far nobody has taken us up, but we have had 3 visitors to here so far but more stopping by for the day.

Oh when I went to the Aunt and Uncles, I notice the doorbell, its a Pineapple one! Swinger code! Not to say its there, maybe it was there before they got the house or dont know? Or who knows? just dont get the impression they would be swingers.

I notice different things like that now having listened to the podcasts.

Got back just as my friend Im staying with was heading to bed. The dog was barking and excited when I got back and dancing around me on the floor. Hes in the room with me again.

So hopefully I will get to see L in the am, Ill message her to see if shes still up for a visit. And get all my things packed up in the car, so I can see her if all goes well and head out, I may stop by briefly at N's house also, didnt get to fit her in, shes another long time family friend and she lost her husband since my last visit. I used to sit with the 2 of them, he was in a hospital bed in their den but always loved when I came by. N has known me since I was a baby, was friends with my Mom early on and also she was the reason I got a family heirloom back, my parents sold it in the 60s after my gma died, a piece of furniture, drove it back to Ca across the US, and well, I went to visit her about 12 yrs ago and asked if she still had it, she did, it was in her living room, it was my grandmothers, I said if she ever thought of selling it to let me know. She called me that wk and said I could have it free. I bought her a replacement piece at the antique shop and now I have a piece of my grandmothers furniture that has traveled back and forth and through 4 states.

Talked to husband tonight, we are pretty low key and not all horny talking, just saying we love and miss one another. Its a short trip, Ill be back before you know it, and today just filled me with lots of socializing and visiting with old friends and all that great stuff, Ive done this type of thing the last 10 yrs of my life, traveling to my hometown about once a yr and visiting all my people when I go, lived there for almost 40 yrs, so of course I have friendships and roots there, its where most of my life was spent.

Well Im gonna go listen to a podcast and pass out, if all goes well Ill be driving most of the day to get home.