Never Broken
2022-07-27 00:22:48 (UTC)


On 12 July, at about 4:33 AM, I got the news that my dear Constance had gone home to be with our Lord. I am not sure how I have been able to get through this time. I do know one thing. God gives me strength. I had resolved, long ago, not to be too preachy in these types of things or on social media, and yet, my heart calls me to say what I feel. So I will say it, unashamedly and without reservation. Maybe someone else will be comforted by my words. Perhaps, some will be angered. They are angered because they do not truly know the Lord.

I have merely been existing since she passed. I find myself talking to her. Sometimes, in my head, but mostly out loud. When I am alone, or the world is quiet, I talk to her. I believe that though people do not necessarily witness what goes on down here on earth once in Heaven, I do believe we can talk to them, they can be our intercessorss, etc. Though Jesus is the one and only Mediator, I believe people who have died can be like…secretaries, if you will. Though we can call God’s private line by simply praying, we can also ask those who have past on to intercede on our behalf. I am a Roman Catholic and this is what I believe. I also believe that God can give the dead the power to help us here on earth. This may be through a comforting thought, a smell that brings us a comforting memory, etc. the reason I feel that those in Heaven cannot see what goes on here is that Heaven is a place of no sorrow and no pain. How fucked up would it be if those we love who are there could be sitting there watching us going…. “Oh no! He isn’t going to make that mistake again, is he?” “Oh no! She’s really going to do that? How sad.” That would be contradictory to the purpose of Heave…. Wouldn’t it?

I am all moved in and have most of my things. A still are few in storage, but I will get them when I’m ready. Constance would have loved this place. It is just to her tastes. Well, “Criminal Minds” is on and I’ve an early appointment, so I’m off. I’ll be back soon.

In Strength,