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2022-07-26 18:18:11 (UTC)

swim days

Today was my class after 2 day of gap. I enjoy swimming class that's the exciting thing right now going in my life. well, am still on the float but am doing pretty well. I jumped in water thrice whoa i am so scared of it. But i did pretty well for the last time when I cam to know the technique. I get very excited to share this to yubu but fom past 3 days am not sharing anything coz I feel he is not interested or he is not appreciative, he doesn't motivates me. so I have stopped sharing with him. I share with my MIL and my mom. My mil accompany me sometimes and she motivates me. She shot a video of mine while swimming but i did not share it with yubu. am quite sour with him these days. I don't like to be so but I have to... coming ack to swimming... I love love swimming its just that chlorine water disgusts me when I swallow ewww... I hope I lose some kgs by 1month am also trying to make up mind to workout so that I reduce body fats faster. am not sure how swimming is gonna be as an exercise as am still learning with breaks. So i thought of going alternate days to gym for legs and abs. Tomorrow Ill go for legs and abs for sure.
I want to buy swimming costume but they are very expensive. same as my class fees.i need to find cheaper one soon. am not sure how long ill continue swimming but I would like to do till am here in India.
alright good night i have to oil my hair and sleep. cyaaa. thanks god for everything.