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2022-07-20 14:29:27 (UTC)

Good News For Him, Bad News For Me lol


Despite all that’s been going on, Jaylans been taking it very well! He’s playing basketball, hanging out with the neighborhood kids, and just generally socializing. It makes me feel good to see him happy! His cats doing well too. Two days ago they went to my grandmas old apartment and grabbed Jaylan’s stuff as well as his cat Midnight. He was hiding and meowing for the first day but soon enough he was rubbing up against people and just being friendly in general. According to Jaylan, other than him, I’m the only one that midnight will walk up to out of the blue for pats X) . I’m glad they’re both getting used to this though. And do you wanna hear something funny? My dad let Jaylan drive the lawn mower around the yard! He looked so happy, it’s great. My mom called me to the window to show me, she kept saying how cute he was and how happy he looked. Just watching fly around the yard, you can’t help but smile!

On a bit of a darker side, we’ve been getting ready for my grandmas funeral. It’s in about half a week. Apparently the venue is really nice. I got this nice dress from JC Penny, I’m not sure if it works but I just figured out you can put images at the top so imma try that. My mom and most of my friends like the one on he left but Olivia and I like the one on the right (with the belt) so I got that one lol. I look like Sia but less child predator-y. It’s very fun to jump in and the bottom’s poofy lol. I feel like a princess! Or Lydia from beetlejuice… I LOVE IT! I’m going to wear a pair of funky boots and earrings with it and bam! I’ll look so good~ Not that I don’t always looks good UuU

It's been a few days now and Jaylans adjusting more and more... its great for him but oh my god he gets annoying sometimes. Yesterday Hailey went to Cedar Point with Gianna so it was just me and Jaylan left to hang out. Every chance he god he'd hit me over and over with that Among Us plush that I got for Hailey. Plus, when I was hanging out with the Guinea pig and him he kept throwing a soccer ball in the tree and almost hitting us. Speaking of the Guinea pigs, I don't know if I said this yet but Cookie passed away the day we got back from vacation. My mom decided not to tell us 'till we got home. Apparently, my grandpa found her... We buried her by the small pine tree in the backyard. I made a cross with two twigs and a daisy and I left some watermelon by her. I don't even know how to feel... It hurts, everything hurts honestly. I've been so stressed out lately that I just cried last night. I went into my room, grabbed Barnabie (my favorite stuffed animal since I can remember really), and cried. I don't even know how to feel anymore. Everything is so mixed up that I don't even want to make sense. I cant make sense. This sucks. I guess that's what I get fo forgetting my meds last night though. It's mthat time of the month too so you know I'm having a great time T^T

It’s the next day, again… After this entry I want to start talking about myself more again (which may sound selfish but it’s my diary so suck it lol) so imma sum the rest of it up here. Or, well, my grandmas funeral is tomorrow so idk what I’ll do. I’ll probably finish this entry with stuff about Jaylan and the funeral, then write a short entry on unrelated stuff about yours truly, and the entry after that will probably be another short one about the funeral. I think that sounds good so I’ll finish it here.

Jaylan keeps complaining that he’s bored but refuses to do anything. He doesn’t want to go on a walk, meet any of the neighbors, swing on our swing, go up to the park, jump on the trampoline, go in the pool, play video games, or anything else. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said he didn’t know. He never even did anything with my grandma! They lived in a tiny apartment in a bad part of town! He literally sat and played computer games all day! It’s whatever though… he can do whatever. We might go up to my Aunt Rebecca's with him though and go tubing in their boat which could be fun. If we even go -.-

I think that’s about it for now so I’ll write again soon! Like- really soon, later tonight soon. So I’ll see ya! Buh bye!