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2022-07-24 07:28:47 (UTC)

Yubu upsets me

Yubu sometimes act very weird. He is not much fun loving guy. Sometimes I feel that he is too much in to his mom and sis that he has no idea how to be with a gf or wife. I understand that everything is new and also we are in a long distance after 3 months of our marriage. OK so.. I always send yubu all pics of me, food I cook, I send him voice of how my day went, how my swimming was and all but he never bother to revert. I keep waiting for him to revert but he never. I have to ask him did you check the picture i shared? did you hear my voice note? he will never even ask me If i tell him that i was unwell or had a broken sleep. He literally has nothing even to share about his day to day. I know guys are not like gils who tell everything they do but at least little bit. his habit of not reverting my msg makes me mad at him. Yesterday i sent him pizza I baked, my niece's video where she call his name, pictures of my swimming class and am waiting waiting but no revert. i always send him a good morning voice before he wakes up even if am hell busy in my office work. I wait for him to wake up, I call him to check has he woken up. But sadly I dont see such efforts from his side. He is just living his life like a robot. long distance need efforts, I do not expect much just his little attention. When I tell him all this he just say that when we meet you'll know me how romantic i am and bla bla shit... action speaks louder than words i don't believe in saying. but even his actions aren't justifying anything. Yesterday I told him you don't even bother to revert am not gonna msg or share pics to which he said OK. Since then am quite upset. I don't feel good and also I feel lonely... even though am here with my in laws and family I miss him a lot. All these things which I expect are natural can't force anyone to do this.
I sometimes dont like to complain him of all this but I also can keep such thing within me. he should know how I feel and what I expect. He is a very strong guy to be living all alone in a different country I dnot even want to bother him. pheww... Today I did not msg him. I don't know how would he take it. lets see id he is ok with it and fine. i cant fight over it. he should have self realisation.