Evolving marriage
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2022-07-22 22:23:20 (UTC)

Dinner night

Dear Diary,
Sitting here waiting another 30 min and husband and I are going out for dinner at our fave restaurant. I kinda would like to make this a leisure eve, Ill see what he thinks, maybe a drink and the chartruterie board and then go from there, we have always talked of doing that and havent yet, I would like to linger and talk, but will see if tonight is a good night for that.

I got my period, boo, which explains why I was so sensitive and horny as Im always so wound up just before it. And there was lots more sex play since my last post, too hard to remember it all and blog it all in my time before dinner.

But this am he sucked my breasts and I sucked his cock till he came in my mouth just before work. He literally got up and had just enough time to grab coffee and quick shower. I finished myself off with a toy.

Last night we laid together and talked alot, we had lamb and Taziki for dinner and i had taken a bath then he took one and i sat in the bathroom with him, next to the tub as we just talked about all manner of random things, I reached my arm in the tub and rubbed and held him in my hand as he was soaking. We got in bed and more talking and caressing last night and both fell asleep.

I feel a little bit emotionally in a funk, last 2 days, my mood, it comes and goes so I chock it up to my period. I just feel a little off but nothing is really wrong.

I do have my plans set to leave Sunday, booked a Vegas hotel for my first night, and then I messaged my childhood friend who I stayed with once before, we have known each other since we were babies, and he has his own place now and a guest room, so he said it would be fine, that he was working from home and hed wash the bed sheets for the guest bed.

So thats all set. I plan to stay a few days in my hometown, get my haircut with my gf, see my son, and just stop in and see long time old friends. Its something I can easily do, I lived almost 40 yrs there, was born there, you name it, so I can just flitter around town, dropping into businesses as they are working and say hello or stopping by friends houses or seeing if we can meet up. Most are the type you can just stop in as they are in businesses that welcome public etc. I had at one time several friends on the main blvd in town who had their own stores and I worked for a few of them.

So thats the plan. I think Im skipping going to the beach as I think I will just be ready to get back home to husband. Now we kinda hate being apart for very long, when before I used to love it. Dont get me wrong, I like alone time, but I like alone time more at our home then going away alone. When things sucked in our sex life and all the stress I was more happy to get away from him and his negativity, I wasnt missing anything leaving, now I am. We just cant keep our hands off one another so we just talk on the phone each day of how much we miss one another.

We had talked about a lot of sexual things, had a disagreement one night on the couch, but got it worked out. But there is still some residual stuff that is lingering between us, we are aware of it, and know it just takes times for some things to heal even though we have hashed it out and seem to be good, its feel that level of safety and trust for me that allows me to do certain things.

We talked about if we became swingers would any of our friends accept us? Most of his yes, he said his guy best friends would be like "Hell yeah! Congrats!" meanwhile I dont think mine would at all and I would loose friends, all my church friends mostly. But then I realized, my 3 oldest friends in live, who I have known that lived on my block, most since kindergarten or earlier, they would be okay, I think my guy friend (who Im staying with) might lecture me some, but not morally judge me or oust me as a friend. But my oldest gf, well shes a sex worker, has her PHD in sex ed, shes escorted, been a dom, you get the idea,,, she would be fine. :) and my other gf who was her stepsister and thats how we met, she would probably be fine too.

But really nobody in my family, my siblings, his sibling? Yes, because shes into not having kids, no marriage, she hangs out and goes to Vegas with a fetish type group regularly, so its just funny how different the people we know are.

I said "I have nobody that I could or have ever talked about sex with other then my male partners" none of my gfs and I have ever talked about sex, been drunk and flirty or kissed, never had girl on girl experiences. Ive been in the church since I was 16. So lots of born again christian friends. I have 2 that are beautiful attractive women, married one of them, and they are affectionate, we all are, we drink together, but I think they would judge if I said "Swinging" but you do wonder what people really are like deep down. My one gf has been married 4 times and is finally single for the first time ever and not rushing to marry #5.

Okay off to dinner

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