Evolving marriage
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2022-07-19 22:39:53 (UTC)

Bumble Oh My

Dear Diary,
Yesterday, just as husband was about to get off work he told me had found the final flick in the series we were watching, I asked him if he could get us Submission, it was a Showtime series, so he went and got that. He said lets watch that one instead. One of the actors was in the last ones we were watching and I looked up his imdb and saw what other things he was in and found this.

We got our dinner, reheated the casserole, got comfy on the couch, husband said "Want to have an edible?" It was a wk night and I had an appt the next am, so I said "Well just a half of one" so we opted to split one of the brownies, just a tiny bit size. I told him I also wanted a quick rinse off shower, so he was on the couch, we had already eaten and I went to our bedroom to put something more comfy on, I put on the black stockings and a tight bodycon type of tank dress in black. I had applied coconut oil to my breasts and ass, the arousal oil inside of me before coming to sit on the couch with him to watch.

We got through maybe 1 episode and he was running his hands down under my leopard panties. Didnt think that would happen that quickly. Episodes are about 20 min long.

He just kept touching me softly, then inserting his finger, then putting pressure on my clit, then fingering me, and I just laid there moaning and enjoying, moving with his hand at times.

Things got pretty heated and I wasnt really watching much of the show anymore, and he said he would be right back.

Well I didnt know what he was going to do, but I figured get a toy or something, so I did something, he had already given me the hitachi and told me "Here keep yourself going" and I slid my body around on the couch, let my head hang off the couch facing up, and then slowly let my body slide down to the floor to angle me. It was comical actually and I was wedged between the couch and the coffee table, I wanted my ass straight up and my pussy, like for a good pile driver type position, which we have never done, and I was sorta stuck and slid down to far, I was laughing and had to weazel my way on my side and back out and moved to the side of the couch and rest up on it in this position and try again, when husband came in he made this "Mmmhmmm" sound of approval. I was feeling the edibles at this point and could see he had a BIG toy, and a NEW one. I always tell him "Im scared" when he introduces some of the toys, its not like Im scared I dont wanna, its Im anxious, its so big and the sensation of penetration... is scary good. I of course told him to go slow.

He inserted it into me, and this one is from Bad Dragon called Bumble Hooves. I think its a Sz Med he said. So he was pushing it into me, and then wow, that sensation, it was like feeling a knot my pussy walls hugging it and feeling it like an hour glass as it slid in and out, but then it had this flick at the end, that was amazing! It has a flat head, flared side tip. And it felt incredible. He was having fun using it on me, telling me how sexy I am. As it kept going and he was thrusting it in and out of me, I could feel I was building up to an orgasm, and told him, he said GOod, you can cum,,,, well I did, and it was like it didnt stop, it just kept going, the sensation and he kept it thrusting in and out of me and didnt let up. I came about 3 times in a row... and then the final time, I came so hard I was stiff and jerking and crying, literal tears came out of my eyes, but I was okay, it was so overwhelming the orgasm, hes making sure Im okay, Im saying "I love you, it feels so good" and he is smiling and says " I Have never seen you cry like that during an orgasm, you are so sexy" and he continued to plow the toy into me, that is the best way to describe it, I was being Plowed! And it was amazing.

I told him I would need to stop with the toy, and he then took off his shorts and got into the position over me, mind you I have fantasized of this, Pile driver position fucking me, and with his knee surgery and us having never done it, didnt think that would happen, but it did! And it was so good, then I moved up onto the couch on his lap and just rode him and grinded hard grabbing his nipples and within minutes he was cumming as I held my mouth open in front of his cock and licked it as he began to cum.

The part with the cum play is also a new thing for us, I didnt used to get into it really, he would pull out, sometimes cum on me, but typically on my belly or back of my behind or in his hands, etc. But now its game on. I enjoy all the places, although I have told him I dont want him shooting me in the face or hair with it, and hes been fine with that, but he can do it in my mouth, chest, ass, etc. but now Im starting to rethink that a little,,,, I think I may be okay with trying the face here soon.... :) shhhh dont tell him that, its a surprise for him the day I tell him he can, he will be taken off guard for sure!

We ended up going in the kitchen and having some snacks, talking over the kitchen island and finally I asked him to come back to the couch with me, I was all rubbing on him in the kitchen, his body, stroking it, as if he is a pole and Im a pole dancer. I love feeling like this, and it reminds me of buzzed drinking and dancing in a club in Hollywood with friends, I never was one to go out and do that much really, but had these 2 times with gfs that were a blast, we were buzzed, no guys, just us, and dancing our asses off and all sweaty, with strange guys now and then popping in, grinding up against us or dancing with us until we shoved them out of our huddle. I think back to how fun that was, I remember dancing to Christina Aguileras Dirty as it was big then, and I had my hair done that day and colored and I was feeling myself and enjoyed that eve.

We ended up on the couch and quickly fell asleep, must have been around 11pm when we got back on the couch and we woke up around 2am, still sitting next to one another with my head leaning on him and we said "Time to get in bed" we both got in and crashed out right away.

Woke up to my alarm around 6am as I had an appt and a drive ahead of me. Husband was pressed up against me, his cock was firm and I just grinded into it. No sex this am, but I would have if he had. He said "You need to get up and get ready" and he had physical therapy this am also. So I just enjoyed being next to him. Got up, showered and headed out to my appt, listening to That Couple Next Door podcast on my long drive. Sexy episodes for sure!

My husband needs to hear more of theirs, the few hes heard he comments on saying "Hell Yeah!" when he hears some of the things that the husband says or does.

While we were having sex and all last night, I was sorta floating along on the sex high and husband made some remark that if I ever want to have a gf, that as long as I bring her home and he can sleep with her too, hes perfectly okay with that, LOL, it must have been a scene in the show or something that caused that comment.

I like hearing him say things out loud like that, talking fantasy, its fun and exciting

Had my appt, hit Costco again for a few things and picked up some house plants, some nice big ones! So happy! And I grabbed In N Out and Chik fil A for hubby to bring home.

I got in the door and he came over to help me unload and I just hugged him and kissed him and pressed my body against him, he said "Are you doing okay today, not hurt?" I said "No, perfectly fine, that one doesnt hurt me at all, it felt really good" the toy we used. He already made a comment that we need to finish and go back to the show where I left off, so I know what we are watching again tonight :)

I ordered a few things on AMazon, some brown lace top stockings (He showed me a porn film this past wk he remembered from when he was younger and the woman wore those and he loved them) and then he made a comment on another scene of watching a woman with pantyhose and the guy ripping open the crotch in them to fuck her, he liked that too, so I ordered some good ole pantyhose for that :)

I also ordered one of those pinwheel type tools to roll over the skin, oh and some stainless steel cute jewel heart end butt plugs. Ive been wanting some for sometime, so I finally ordered. I bought these glass anal toys, and they are fantastic, but the ends arent flared wide enough and you dont want to get one stuck in your body! So I needed something else.

He will be off work soon, will need to eat and then will see if we have another fun night.