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2022-07-19 18:50:05 (UTC)


oh gosh this whole diary is terrible for my somewhat salvageable innocent trackrecord
time to erase all those entries with profanities
the sexuality stuff is honestly a lost cause atp, leaving it. i know i am nothing.
its honestly so silly
looking at all those small keyboard spams of anger with little curse words in the mix as if that would alleviate the anger and frustration
its better to just deflate.
its easier to bounce back from sadness for me than anger and outbursts.
because saying sorry for something i said in a fit of rage is worse. feelings i cant unhurt.
yeah anyways im just not tryna get caught cursing for no reason. yes we are a no profanity household, what even are curse words? i dont know.

AUGHGHGH IM SUCH A CRINGE BALL IN ALL MY PREV. ENTRIES where im ranting emotionally abt some crap that i dont care about anymore

a disrespectful amount of slip ins
like wow
ive messed up so much

feeling very level headed right now (especially in comparison to past me's that thought it was okay to type this crap down but maybe im dumber for not deleting this whole thing rn lol).
im basically saying im cooler :D

the el em ayo's are definitely lost causes as well
wish this site had a 'find and replace' function
but oh well
just know that i'll be laughing very much obnoxiously to express my amusement