no name
2022-07-19 18:37:49 (UTC)

Boku wo sonnname de minaide

really have a way of making a dude feel embarrassed about wanting to die.
and maybe i should because i have so much.
maybe i should be more ashamed that i would throw away everything, them, me.
just because i feel like i look like the worst thing in the world, or just not my best.
but teenage years
its a transitional period
not a final state
not what defines you,
although looks arent what define you either.
just flow through it all without a second glance at that which might trouble you
because looking means staring
and staring means contemplating
and contemplating means thinking and thinking and thinking
and suddenly you're overthinking and coming to rash, unreasonable conclusions
that undermine you, everything you are and aren't yet.
Then things become harder than they are.