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2022-07-19 06:56:08 (UTC)

whyy this dream? can anyone tell me?

So my ex is here again in my dream. I don't understand why he appears in my dream? I don't think of him, I have no regrets of not being with him. I love my husband and all I think of him that how we will go places, have good time together and all...
So V appears in my dream hold my hand and say i cant do this, ill any how marry you. I said you are already married why would you marry me? He said I don't know about her she has come here to find me but ill any how marry you. and i was like WTF is he talking. thats it...
After I wake up i feel like why the fuck is he here again??
Are these dreams trying to tell me something?? Is he in some marital issue? is he regretting? even if so How do I care? I give a damn..
this makes me upset and feel weird... Am sure he is not even thinking of me and might be happy but then stop coming in my dreams you moron.
If you readers can tell me the reason pls do.