2022-07-18 18:29:07 (UTC)

Bits n' Bobs: mid-July 2022

Personal entry follows.

Quick hits, and probably too much information.

Over two months at the eco-institute, and life is good. I've been stepping in as a co-instructor for a few of the current event's activities, and while the material isn't so familiar, being a facilitator is. Today in particular we were felling trees, peeling the logs, and stacking firewood. Found a lot of elk bones today.

This is likely something with which only men can relate. While sawing with a two-handed, long-handle crosscut saw today, I couldn't help but notice that the motion provided plentiful, soothing stimulation to my scrotum as it brushed inside my boxers. I can see it now...

SOME GUY: "So kestrel, what are you up to today?"
ME: "Oh, just going out to cut some more firewood. I'll be gone for a few hours."
SOME GUY: "We already have over 40 cords stored up...! It's the middle of July, for cryin' out loud. You can stop now."
ME: "I have a feeling it'll be a cold winter. Gotta go...!"

Well, at least it encourages me to start work, eh?

After overhearing a brief conversation about music today, I decided to join in and identify my top three bands at the moment: Sonic Youth, The Dead Milkmen, The MC5. Honorable mentions would be The OC Rippers, Led Zeppelin, Pixies (pretty close to the top 3, now that I consider it), Slayer, Refused, Johnny Cash. This is just off the top of my head.

I also think the documentary film "Grizzly Man" is approaching my top 5 favourite films. Were I to assemble a top 10 list, it would very likely be in there.

I think I've laughed more this summer (to the point that I was gasping for breath, tears streaming from my eyes) than I have in any full year of my life. I think I'm at that age that when I laugh to such a gut-busting degree, I force all the air from my lungs and it's like the opposite of a smoker's cough.

This is not a bad time in my life for me right now.

I'd written letters to old friends and coworkers over the past few months, as well as another letter to my Czechen penpal. I also re-activated my penpal account and edited my description to indicate my current life situation (it still mentioned stuff about my 9-to-5 non-profit job and the fact I lived and worked in a big city). It's been nice to reach out to people, even if I've yet to receive many letters back. When I go into town early Saturday mornings, I usually pick up a few donuts and a coffee, then dash off a letter while I eat my breakfast. Then drop off the letter when I visit the post office and check the PO Box.

Not sure what my point was in recording these thoughts. Maybe I just wanted to be vulgar and uncouth, revealing to someone - anyone - that part about my clothes rubbing my balls while doing completely-unrelated work tasks. It's the little things, you know.

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