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2022-07-18 11:51:04 (UTC)

It’s just a punch

I don’t enjoy spending time with my son when he acts this way. He’s not skilled at punching, but he is getting more forceful and I’m getting punched in random places this morning. It’s how I woke up. I got sucker punched in the back of my shoulder.

Anyway… I’m not feeling all dad happy right now.

She gave me a book idea (sorta). I may be able to develop it into something. My daughter was irritated that she took this initiative. I didn’t mind too much, but there is a decided lack of enthusiasm for it. The creative process for me is quite different. For her, she thinks of what would sell first, apparently. This may sell, but it doesn’t feel good. If I were a musician, I could never do covers for a living. I mean Weezer’s cover of “Africa” was pretty good, but I still like the original better.

I think my thoughts are a little random today… time to chase a butterfly. Gotta go.