Evolving marriage
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2022-07-17 22:14:52 (UTC)

Sexy Wknd

Dear Diary,
Ahhhh, lazy Sunday, on the couch, husband is making a casserole dish, his best! I got everything ready and hes in there preparing it.

We have had a nice wknd. If we dont have plans to go out, it seems our wknds are now our sexy time. Well as are many eves.

We have been having sex on the daily, think we skipped a day or so, but the cool thing was thurs am, we ended up having sex at 3am, which is NOT common for him, let alone when he has work in the am. He kept running his hands over my breasts throughout the night and each time it was thrilling, but Id drift in and out of sleep as did he, so the final time I grabbed his hand to keep going, and he started to thrust into me from behind as we spooned, ugh, Love it, got me so worked up that I got up on him and rode him, fast, hard, thrusting, I was so turned on. By the time were finished we were both laying in bed and ended up talking, talking for well over an hour, and it was getting near the sun coming up eventually and I think he got 30 min sleep before the alarm went off. I had been awake.

I had pegged him some night mixed in here somewhere, maybe even thurs eve? I dont even recall. It all blurs and I did half an edible that night. I pegged him from behind then had him flip over on his back on the edge of the bed, stroked his cock and pegged his ass, then moved my head down low and it was hard to reach his cock while pegging but I could get the tip and lightly suck on and off just the end of it, and then grabbed it in my hand and stroked but kept my face close and my mouth open in case he came and it shot. We have been having fun with that, seeing how at certain times it shoots out, he is not one to cum alot when he ejaculates, but sometimes it has such force from the things we are doing, I was on my back one night and it shot right past my ear onto the bed and we laughed together at what a distance that one went.

I found these films in an article I read, the Submission of Emma Marx, pretty good! We watched 2 this wknd, I think there is 1 more, and they are a series, over 2 hrs long each of them, more like a 50 shades type of thing, same actors, etc. I was reading that they are directed by women, maybe thats why I like it so much :)

We had an edible on Sat, we were pretty much on the couch together watching and then playing at some point with one another.

If I dont write it all down right away its so hard to capture all that happened as edibles do mess with time, distortion of time and events, at least for me. I feel like Im floating and time either moves really slow or fast and I feel like I weave in and out of things, I know what is happening but dont know for how long.

But what I do know was yesterday, after we were watching the second movie, I got up and yanked the blanket off his lap and pulled down his shorts, he was hard from the scene we had watched and I had been stroking him while laying next to him, but now I just got up over him on the couch, between his legs on my hands and knees facing him, and wanting his cock.

I went down and oh, soap taste! Ha, had to send him to rinse off as we had both taken a bath earlier that day and probably just the residue from it, but hard to perform oral with soap taste, blech. So he got right back in his spot and I went right back down on him. I also had a few trusty Skittles candies I ate, to get rid of the soap taste and also build up more saliva in my mouth. I took him right back in my mouth and sucked and deep throated, which is highly erotic and turns me on. And I took my tongue and stroked the back of his shaft from the base up while on his cock, he moaned when I did that each time so I knew it was feeling really good, I think I did that about 3 times and he really was getting excited and I knew I was going to make him cum, he said "Oh God" and I just pulled back a little and lightly sucked, not too much, he doesnt like a lot of friction on the head when he cums as its overwhelming, so I know to just let him have the ride and slow down, I took him all in my mouth and just held my place on his cock as he finished in my mouth, and then... I gulped. About 3 times slowly, all of it down and just kept still, his cock in my mouth while he was coming down from his orgasm.

Can I just say how utter fucking sexy this is for me? I crave blow jobs so much, and I said this didnt happen until I went on hormones last Aug, I was NOT like this at all before. But now I think about them, love giving them, love watching them in videos, especially when women swallow and the guy moans when he cums. But after some of the Rocco films Im beginning to be more turned on by the open mouth spurting, woman sits there mouth open as he finishes off, some of it makes it in her mouth, the rest on her face or body. I like it, or watching multiple men jerking off around a woman and her going down the line as they each spurt into her mouth or on her tongue. It turns me on!

For awhile it was difficult because of taste, and it making me gag, but I think it was because of his pain meds and surgery, his taste was very bitter for a bit but now its back to normal. So things do affect that.

I talk so dirty to him also, I tell him how much I want it, how yummy he is, how I want him to feed me, cum in my throat, that I want him to call me in during his work day and tell me to get under his desk and tell me to give him a blow job, that Im here to relieve his work stress. He has YET to take me up on it, but I make it known how badly I want too. I think more then anything I am just waiting for the day he tells me he wants one, or commands me to give him one. He knows this, but he is still not good at being assertive/aggressive in that sense, so I am just patient. I just have to go and yank off his shorts and do it without any care even if he isnt asking, most of the time he obliges. :) And I enjoy that sometimes its just Quick, like Im a hungry animal and I just ravenous go after his cock, buring my face into it and sucking hard and stroking it with my tongue as I go. There this certain satisfaction in getting him to cum, quickly, knowing I can just attack and suck it out of him. And then there are the days where its long, slow and times where its more of a challenge and Im on a mission and really work at it. Its fun, its erotic, it turns me on.

Oh and something in one of the films, I asked husband to do to me when we were in the bedroom a few nights prior, I think the 3am session, I asked him to put his fingers in my mouth, he had already cum and I had the toy and had it on my clit, he was helping to finish me off and I asked him to put his fingers in my mouth, which he did, like in the film and 2, back to my throat, he even said "Oh my God" as he did it as he saw how far they could curl back towards my throat and I didnt gag, it was literally making me so aroused I was thinking WOw, I could cum from this if this keeps up. So that was something new I had never done. Its always interesting to see what things your body finds arousing or what trips your switch, especially something new you havent tried.

Later on we were towards the end of the second film. I thought for sure we were both done for the day with anything sexual. But Nope! It was a 2 men on 1 female scene, the dom guy is telling the woman what to do with the other guy and then they are both participating with her, its slow, long scene, lots of gentle moaning, and husband began to finger me, I asked him "How many fingers can you put inside me?" and he said "I am not sure, maybe 3" and he did, and I was getting so wet, he then did 4. It was tight but thrilling. And I was secretly wishing he would try to fist me. I have never been fisted, and sometimes that sounds kinda crazy, like why? But in that moment as turned on as I was and as he had 4 fingers in me, I wondered why not? But I was still too shy to ask for that. Silly huh? I know I will another time.... but what I did say is "Can you get your biggest toy?" and he did, but then I asked about the really BIG BIG one, we did it once mos and mos ago and thats when I got hurt, it was too much and kinda freaked me out to not want to do it again, its huge, wide, has a knot, and I couldnt get it all the way in, And I asked him to try that on me again.

He was so excited, he went and got it and we began, it got in just before the knot and I could feel the stretching, pain, tear type sensation that I felt before and I asked him to back it up lightly. I really wanted to take it all in, so I told him to just hold it inside of me a bit, dont rush it, give my body time to adjust, that I think I can do it. So we went slowly and then gradually, it worked, without pain or stinging as my body dilated to take it in. Holy crap that knot is so stimulating as it pushed through the vaginal walls, the sensation it gives! WOW. He had the knot all the way in me now and just a bit more before he was to the base, took another pause before pressing it all into me.

Oh my gosh then he moved everything and got on the couch on his stomach, we have a sectional and its long so he could lay in front of my pussy, hold the toy in me, and then he began to lick my clit, and suck it, and then reached up to my nipples, Holy crap, I was in heaven, and he made me cum twice doing that. I had grabbed the vibrator after that to get a deep orgasm, and wow, I clenched and my body jerked so hard. And I was exhausted, laying there and he said he was so proud of me, he high fived me, Id say my husbands fetish is sex toys, dildos especially, ones from bad dragon and other sites (look them up, they are crazy) all different shapes, sizes, colors and ridges, so creative.

And its one of his things he likes to watch, is women inserting toys, even big huge crazy ones.

So I was motivated to do it, and when he pulled the toy out of me after I came the last time, he dropped his shorts and just fucked me on the couch right after, it was hot, I love seeing him like this, he came again on my stomach. I am losing track of how many times a day hes been cumming, was it 3? 1 was his limit for most of our relationship, so I marvel at him and how much hes able to do now.

We were so giddy and in a fog, but hungry and I needed a shower badly, so we opted to try and get reservations in an hr for dinner, luckily we were able too! And the place is close so we opted to walk there. Its so fun fucking and playing and just throwing yourself together and going to eat while your still on a sex high and sitting together in a restaurant just grinning at each other, I love him so much! Id talk more in public, not loud of course about sex, but hes too self conscious and controlled in public, so we just grin or hold hands, but Id be nibbling his ear, saying dirty things or rubbing his crotch under the table, but he would tell me stop. So hey, its not that big a deal, I just love hes fucking me more at home!

Hes been making lots of swinger jokes, at me, like its me, but its interesting and he did look up swinger groups out where we are. I dont know if Id want to attend something like that. But I know hes more of the the one to say if we really ever do it. We are now listening to That Couple next Door podcast, and hes heard a few really sexy scenarios. He just keeps saying everyone would want me, but they wouldnt find him attractive, Bullshit! Hes hot, he doesnt see himself as I do, but hes a good looking man. Hes got lots of tatts, amazing arms, piercings, a deep voice, broad shoulders, nice legs, muscular. Nice chest, I love his mustache, its unique and part of his trademark.

So we had dinner, and walked home, got back on the couch and talked and laid around watching non porn up till around midnight and crawled into bed, we had not had a full nights sleep the last 2 nights so I needed it. And I slept all night and even dozed back off a bit this am after waking up, Ahh felt so good.

We had a plan to go check out a new little coffee snack sandwhich shop up the way from us, made for a nice beautiful drive, we headed out around 11am and went and sat together there with our snacks, and then went to an antique shop before heading back home. We have been talking about the property we looked at, Id love to get it, but not sure if we are going to make an offer, its higher priced end but for here its not, we spoke with our realtor friend some on a good offer price, so we would offer less if we do, but still not sure, I need husband to be totally sold, hes a tough cookie and I dont want him to be against something, but it takes a lot of tire kicking to get him to pull the trigger on something.

ANd now I sit here, in a blanket, on the couch, relishing in our sexcapades, typing in my diary as he walked in and told me dinner will be ready in an hour, hes listening to Bedroom Music on spotify and i can hear it, so sexy and moody, we both found that in vegas and love it!

Its warm, the sun is shining, but its humid and cloudy at the same time, monsoon weather, our house is bright and cheerful. I did so much work on the kitchen last few days decluttering and cleaning spaces, getting it more in shape. Feels so good to do that. I keep saying how I want things in more tip top shape, and less work, and less clutter because thats how my life used to be, and I want to focus on other things. Now IM not just trying to fill my days to remind myself of what is lacking and what I can do to distract me, now I have that with my husband and I wonder how many couples find this at mid life? Is it only couples who go on hormones that do? Are other people having this much fun sexually with one another? ANd we arent even swinging, its just us, and it seems there is so much exploring to do, things to try, not enough hours or time in the day to do it all. So its always an adventure, what will we do next!?

I really want to be tied up again, badly, its my turn.....