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2022-07-12 23:34:38 (UTC)

Our DC Vacation🧋


I don’t even know how to feel about today. My emotions have been ALL over the place. I know you probably want to hear about my vacation so far but whatever, it’s my diary and I’ll talk about whatever I want whenever I want. So first of all I guess is Vinny. This poor kid. I texted him a photo of me drinking boba by the Washington Monument and he responded with the fact that his sisters bird died. I didn’t believe him at first but he explained that it died during surgery for a tumor and I believed him. The poor birdie.

And poor Vinny. He’s a sensitive child and he’s not afraid to admit it. He’s admired to crying himself to sleep, he’s cried in front of others, and you can just tell by the way he reacts to things that he takes it all in with zero grains of salt. So that was already terrible but then he texted the group chat that he just got braces. I don’t know if you’ve had them before but I have and for the first week or so they hurt like HELL. Then they scratch at your gums and lips and you break brackets and shit if you don’t eat right. Not fun. I really hope his bad luck ends, I hate to see my friends sad :( . Maybe when we get back I can invite him over to snuggle with the Guinea pigs. He doesn’t even know I have them so it’ll be a nice surprise I think.

About Washington DC though, it’s interesting… heh. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just not for me, I’m a suburbs kinda person TUT . DC is too dangerous and crowded for a person like me. I was only there for 3 days and I saw 3 people yelling at themselves, 4 wreckless drivers, and countless homeless people. It was insane! One guy was even speeding down the street and beeping while swerving in between cars and lanes. Another one was speeding then the light changed and they were maybe 3 inches away from hitting the car in front of them and then they had the audacity to beep at the safe driver! Not the place for me I’ll be honest.

Even if it was a bit odd I still enjoyed it though. I got to see a lot of really cool stuff. We went to a huge museum with a giant squid, real mummies, and a neanderthal skeleton. It was really cool! They also had this teeny tiny Egyptian lizard coffin on display. It couldn’t have been more than 1x1 inches. So cute!!! They had a few gift shops and I decided to buy some earrings. They’re these golden twine trees inside a circle of twine with rainbow rock leaves. I’ll leave a link to approximately what they look like at the end of this entry. I was iffy about how big they were at first but oh my god are they GORGEOUS!!! Aaaaaa I love them!

We got to ride around on scooters too. Apparently they cost a lot of money and barely worked but it was still fun TUT . We had me in the front with my mom in the back and Hailey in the front with my dad in the back. It was… entertaining to say the least. We looked pretty ridiculous. We took a few Ubers too. One with a nice Indian lady who talked about gas prices, one with a quiet Indian guy, and one with an African American (?) guy who talked about the area with us.

Side note, THE AMOUNT OF ICECREAM TRUCKS IN DC IS INSANE!!! They were lining the streets in swarms. I mean bumper to bumper icecream truck after ice cream truck after ice cream truck. It was weird. They had boba though so I was happy. Even though some of the boba wasn’t very good Xb . I’ll let you know what happens next but that was about it for my DC trip, 4 DAYS OF BEACH VACATION HERE I COME! Buh bye!