no name
2022-07-13 16:35:46 (UTC)


as far as ambitions go, i wanna learn spanish (i rly wanna be a polyglot but spanish sounds at least somewhat realistic) and i wanna learn to play the piano (keyboard? since thats what i have).
these can both be achieved if i take time to learn them consistently. doesn't even have to take that much out of my day. its just a matter of motivation. but i know school will teach me spanish anyway so im leaving that for when the school year starts (sry me also not sry loll) and the keyboard...i literally just dont care enough to start at all.


NEEEED to get into scpssss brooo
-other playthroughs

you know the mix
just dont trust myself enough to write that in me notebook. idk why. it feels more exposed. less safe. less secret.
i'll have to get an actual journal, maybe leave the nb to randos and sketches??