Evolving marriage
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2022-07-13 17:37:58 (UTC)

Life Stuff

Dear Diary,
Well Im sitting at the auto dealer for our first service appt. We also have a message that keeps popping up about a tire sensor, since I had a bad valve stem on my trip and it was replaced in the middle of nowhere, something may need to be reset as far as the sensor goes. I also have 2 other appts after 2.

So Im able to just sit with my laptop with no distractions and focus.

Im looking at some real estate listings, one isnt far from us, yes its high I know that but asked husband whats a good price for it? Its a 2 bed 1 bath, investment property, but historic with a cool other old building on the lot. Im thinking more as a vacation rental. He said its high for market rent, but I know that differs with a vacation rental. You can make more then market rent. Plus its close enough for me to maintain and clean between guests. Thing is its in an area where I have a heck of a time getting a realtor as its a diff state, I tried to see another property before and literally could not find anyone to show it and called all around and filled out the zillow form and didnt even get a call back from the realtor info on there. Some are just companies out of state...

Our realtor who sold us and sold our last home plus helped us do our deal on our current home out of state ourselves, is supposed to be coming for a visit, and what timing as he has that states license! So I sent it to him and asked if hes out here is he able to show us that house? He said he will take a look at it.

I went to look at listings near the homestead, another one came up. Its acreage, right in town, with a huge 1900s type barn, looks really cool, does have city water, its for animals. Price is pretty decent and its right in town, next to some businesses...

Im chomping at the bit to put some of my $$ into something, husband and I typically contribute half when we decide anything which has been nice with the vehicle and our last house, we paid it off together with each of us paying half which just makes it truly feel like a joint venture.

I can buy some of these places, the lower price ones on my own, but some would like him to do it with me as they are higher or the split makes it so cheap. We have missed out on 2 properties where we are, one we would have offered more, but I chock that up to our realtor not being too experienced or something? We would have offered more, didnt know there were many offers, it was a block over, cool lot for an orchard, irrigation and an old vintage tiny house on it that had been sitting for a long time, we could have walked to it! And the price was cheap... anyways, lesson learned. My realtor friend from out of state was really savy with this stuff, telling us what we were up against, how much to offer, etc and he wasnt trying to rip us off either. Hes a friend. My Dad found him for us before our move, called all around, he was into real estate, my Dad and his right hand man was his broker, so he said "You need a realtor whos also a broker" and found this guy, and he did all our driving around showing us historic homes, which is my thing, we catch up on the phone and now and then he would come by or help us at events in our neighborhood.

So what else is up? I am still waiting to hear from my hairdresser back home. Hopefully she gets back to me soon and I can make a trip to Ca in the next few wks

Electrician called me yesterday at the homestead, the utility co came out and showed where they will need to run the wire, and it will be 200 amp instead of 100, which is fine as we only have a tiny structure there, its a tiny house but more like a garden shed as he put it and is putting in an RV hook up for me. We have no power on the property, its been vacant for a LONG LONG time, so long that it doesnt have an address either, small town, you just put the town name and the persons name and mail got to the person, no house number. So h es supposed to be starting today, correction! He is there, just texted my neighbor who said hes there working.

I marvel at times, at how hard its been to hire people where we currently live, but meanwhile this tiny middle of nowhere homestead. Ive made so much progress, had no problem getting people to do work, their prices are way cheaper then anticipated for every job and they dont ask for pay up front or even bill me?! They tell me I can pay when Im there next time? 2 or so mos later. Its so different. Where Im from you worry about paying and them taking your $$ and taking off without doing a job.

I do wonder what the future holds, husband and I sat and talked real estate market last night, we know the bust is coming, prices will go down, but how much? And that this go around a lot of those homes have been bought my major million dollar companies who turned the homes into rentals and they wont blink at the price changes or be in over their heads like homeowners who are. So that will create still less homes on the market.

We sat on the porch in the dark at 10pm last night and its was beautiful, a light breeze, crickets, dark, quiet, and I marvel at where we are. This was retirement in mind when we found this place, where do we want to END up and Live the rest of our life was more thoughts behind it, and weather, crime, quiet were major factors for us. We have always lived in smoggy, hot, areas, that had lots of homeless, transients, drug use around us. Granted they were more major cities and our last home was a desired neighborhood, but I was so over it, so much theft from your porch, backyard, cars, catalytic converters, had alarms, people high coming thru the neighborhood out of their minds, even had a murder a block over from a transient who was high and broke in stabbed the husband while the wife hid under the bed calling 911. So yeah, thats been our norm for most of our lives living around that stuff.

Now its quiet, beautiful skies, small town folks, farmers, ranchers, mom and pop shop owners, not many big chain businesses here, just some franchises owners or some smaller ones. You can actually leave your doors unlocked, go to the store and leave your windows down on your car, that kind of place.

I worked on the kitchen yesterday, we moved the island over, and I cleaned out the bottom shelf to it, its like a huge vintage industrial table with a lower shelf, its huge and sturdy and holds lots of things, I took it all out, cleaned it, and put things back orderly, put some things in the pantry, and some to donate.

I just need to keep donating, as I said, I was a such a hoarder for so long, it went with the business I was in, reselling, but Im not really doing that now. So I just have to let things go. Im tired of clutter, my mind has shifted. My husband knows it, it was a conflict and thrifting, antiques, etc were my thing I think to fill the void of what was missing for so so long. And once our sex life improved a yr ago? I dont care about that stuff like I did. So my mind keeps telling me to simplify the home, we are still young, but getting at the mid life point, where we still have energy and health and I need to get this stuff done now.

The landscaper, not sure if I wrote about him. I called a guy to come by, to see about redoing our sprinklers, he never showed or called, BUT another guy I tried, did and came over, and he has a good reputation an once he was here, he showed me pics of his work and the scope of his work, so I went crazy with all the stuff I want to have done outside here. So Im waiting for an estimate, he just sent me a message about gates, Ill get that info when Im back home this eve. He can do sprinklers, brick pavers, pour a concrete pad, build a deck, pergola and even a pavilion for the driveway!!!! WHich I have had someone out before, gave me a quote, said he could start in April and never heard from him again. So Im praying this guy really works out, its been a big issue where we live, finding people to do work and who show up. This will be a big job if he does it all for us, but wow it will make the property look so much better! Plus he has good contacts for other things (rain gutters also) So thats why I want to get all my trips in as if we hire this guy, I know it could be several wks or so to get started on this, so if I get to my hairdresser and my hometown, and even might be able to cram in my other son, I want to visit him, hes 2 states away right now, but closer then being across the US. Havent seen him in yrs, and hes doing the best hes sounded in sometime, so its on my list to go see him before winter, Ill drive. I can stop in our old state on the way and see my friends there and spend a night and then go see him.

Then come end of Aug beginning of Sept need to drive to the homestead, see the electric done, meet the tree guys again, and go see my Uncle with the Lung Cancer, not sure if I wrote, but he has about 6-18 mos drs said. :( Hes in a rehab place at the moment and out of the hospital.

My middle sis is going to fly out to see him and my Aunt, around end of AUg, so going to try and plan to go when they are there, so we can all get together, I can also show them whats up at the homestead. Im very proud to have it in my hands. Im the youngest and never dreamed it would be mine.... and I had such an emotional attachment to it, so when my brother called me asking if I wanted it, I jumped at it. And its been like home, a connection to my roots and my family and as I said my Dad, grandparents are buried there, plus great grandparents, and great great etc at surrounding cemeteries, its really what was the starting point in the US for my family and to have land thats been in your family since the 1800s is pretty cool, the things that turn up on the ground after rains, found a dog tag from 1937 that is brass.

So yeah, life might seem all about sex these days, because, well it has been. And its been so much fun for husband and I, to rekindle all that after almost 20 yrs together, and about 10 yrs of the sex life tanking,,, we have a new life, new deeper physical bond, fun, and we are enjoying it together.

Husband is recovering so well. Next appt in Aug we will find out about his activity level. I have wanted to go river rafting in Co, drive by this spot and we have never done this, so werent sure if that will be next yr, but with his recovery going so well, he may be able to do it this yr, Dr said he may be able to release him to go back to wrestling next appt and give him a brace but that hes healing well and its solid feeling.