Gone mental

Notes from my Black
2022-07-13 04:29:27 (UTC)

The nice after

Have you ever known some who was mean to you then inexplicably they reverse course. Yesterday I wrote how she not only didn’t want to give an opinion on writing a note, but she was angry about it. Today she offered to help me with a project I’m working on. I found that anything else was more important to her. She did read it all eventually. Her input was really to just question me on why parts and to tell me some of it would not be well received. She may be right… all of not may not be well received… but that is how it goes. I’m putting my work out there. It will be judged.

I’ve said it before, I’m not qualified to understand people. It’s like I’m from a different time, from a different cloth. I’m not like the people I’m surrounded by. I don’t understand them. It’s a lonely place to be. We speak the same type of words… but the understanding and intent are too often missed.