Evolving marriage
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2022-07-12 08:54:52 (UTC)

Sex and Mexican Food

Dear Diary,
I forgot to add to the last entry, and I just thought of this after I finished and wanted to add it for the memory

After exhausting and crazy sex most of Sunday, 2 long rounds... I got up to shower and then said "Hey do you want to go to Mexican food instead of cooking?" he said yes, it was before the dinner rush as it gets busy there. We hadnt eaten all day and it was around 3pm. So I rinsed off in the shower, so did he, and I threw some clothes on, put my hair up and some light makeup on in record time and we ran out the door to go get food. We were both high on sex, my cheeks were red, my hair was a bit tossled but I put it up on top of my head and through on some hoop earrings. We got to the place and walked right in and got a table right away, whew! We were thirsty and hungry, so chips and salsa and lots of water! We smiled, we were exhausted, I was giggly and giddy and it was just fun, knowing we just fucked and ran out the door while still basking in it and ate out. Feels like teenagers

I had tacos, he had a burrito, we had more chips and salsa, and then headed home and had banana cream pie which is what we got for his bday. We each had a big piece of that at home on the couch.

But the mexican restaurant was nice, feeling so good with my man, sitting in a booth, while life whizzes around us, the people in their sunday clothes for church eating, those in hiking outfits out for the day and coming to grab a meal, all the parents with kids, and we are tucked in the corner, knowing we had just fucked and felt awesome and just were able to BE together and enjoy a meal, its the simple pleasures you know?