Evolving marriage
2022-07-12 08:23:45 (UTC)

We are still at it

Dear Diary,
I think of coming here each eve to write an entry, but Im too tired to take the time to do so. Its almost 2:30am, Im on the couch, I was asleep already for an hour or 2 but then felt so wet and uncomfortable between my legs and I didnt want to get irritated and a rash from the moisture there all night, so I got up, hopped in the shower, it was around midnight, put vitamin E everywhere to prevent soreness, chaffing and keep the skin supple. Got a snack, and have been on the couch, watched more Rocco and masterbated.

We have been pretty much having sex all the time. We just had the wknd, we did edibles again, these Pomegranite gummie ones are really good and fast acting.

We have watched more Rocco, wow, I love his stuff, and his videos are sometimes 2 hrs long, and we lay there together, on edibles on the couch watching. Roccos videos, the ones we are watching are like Art house type videos, the girls are foreign and not big stars, the scenes are funny, erotic, sexy, I like Rocco and how he talks to women in many we have watched, turns me on so bad. And the way he does anal, makes me want it more. I enjoy his anal scenes and showing it up close and the gaping and pushing into the women over and over. And Ive not been as much of a fan of gang bang type scenes with guys cumming all over a chick, but I like it more in his videos and find myself more turned on when he holds it by their mouth, they either get little bits of it in their mouth or on their face or down their chest. But he tells them how beautiful they are, the way he shows desire is hot. So its dirty, kinky yet he kisses and says he loves them and fucks them. And the anal... its different then todays porn, and the videos some have themes, not real big plot but they are a lot of fun. Lots of girls, lots of guys, but I prefer the scenes with Rocco.

I was impressed with hubby today, after a crazy wknd of sex off and on, I think he said he came about 6 times in 24 hrs which is not his norm AT ALL.

So today he was back to work, I got up and did the yard work, worked outside, had the bug guy here, I was out half the day mowing the lawns, edging, the blower, pulling weeds and more elm trees popping up everywhere. Talked to my big sis, and then realized after my shower, hubby was online longer for work, he had therapy this am for his knee so it cut into his work time. I ending up BBQing the rest of the bratwurst we needed to finish off. I had showered, put on these tiny black dolpin type shorts and a tiny tight black tank top, I got the shorts at TJ max and a bunch of other sexy stuff and shorts this past wk. I didnt walk around in this type of stuff until this yr, but at home, I walk around in sexy attire a lot of the time when its just us lounging around. I enjoy it and wearing it makes me feel more sexual. So after work he was in the kitchen and I was in the bathroom putting my hair up and he was starring at me and telling me how sexy I was, he came over and kissed me and grabbed me close to him from behind, very sexual. I thought for sure he would pass on something for today, a lot happened this wknd and we also celebrated his birthday. We went for a long drive, went for Sushi, went for pie, went to the cabin but it was too hot to stay there, no AC in it, so we opted to head back home after staying about 2 hours and having pie.

We watched Rocco, we ate edibles, we laid on the couch and got worked up together gradually, touching and feeling, and things just progress.

So yeah, I told him I was going to scrap tonights walk as I did the yard work and the blaster and I should take it easy, he said "Well we can do other cardio here at home" and I knew what he meant, he told me about an old Rocco video he used to like back in the day and found it, so we watched that one ( a chick in brown stockings)

We didnt do any edibles tonight, we just laid on the couch after dinner and watched together and got turned on and he was fingering me, I then climbed on top of him asking for him to go slow as I just wanted to get worked up and grind on him first. We ended up moving to the bedroom and I got on top of him, moving slow and deep, my nipples in his mouth. He said he wasnt able to get as hard, I said it was working just fine for me, so we kept at it. My nipples are so sensitive from all the play for days I finally needed him to stop as it was too much and told him he needed to be creative and do something else. He fingered my ass while fucking me and got me worked up and then got a toy, I was nervous, I was saying he was fine, a dildo might hurt, but he told me I would be fine, and I was. But WOW, he got it in me right away, its sort of a horse type dildo, but on the skinny smaller side and it went right in, But THEN! He got up on the bed behind me on his knees, I was doggy and did double penetration entering my pussy with his cock while the dildo was in my ass, and WOAH, I was like, wow this is happening but within 2 min he lost control and was apologizing as he came too soon, I didnt care, I find him hot and that he was so aroused doing that to me, I said we will have to try it again later, and I got the vibrator and he played with me, teased me and then fingered me as I held the vibrator and I came too. We laid there, Caressing each other, laying face to face, and i ran my hands all over his body rubbing and scratching. We ended up passing out like that and then I woke up at midnight as I said and here I am.

We both like Rocco, and I wonder how many nights of this we have ahead. I have to run out of town on wed and do the new car servicing, dermatologist and the hyperbaric, and some returns to the store. Tomm not sure what I will work on. Got a massage set for monday and texted my hairdresser, hoping to get that set up in the next few wks and head to my hometown. If I do that, Ill be away from husband for probably a wk, as Ill stay and thinking of going to the beach for a few days while out there and visiting friends.

We are supposed to have a friend coming this wk to stay a few days in our vacation rental and do some hiking and rock climbing, so it will be nice if he follows through, its nice to have friends come see us, we havent had many since this move and we are in such an amazing place and have a place for guests, we dont charge friends. So we would love to have more visitors!

Im liking husband initiating sex more, not just me, sharing his kinks, not just me, as it feels one sided when your the only one being vocal or making requests, or that Im too horny or want it too much and seeing hes wanting it daily, its thrilling, fun and makes me feel desired.

Well gonna wrap this up and go crawl back in bed with a podcast on headphones, Later