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2022-07-12 00:35:27 (UTC)

Shimura Tenko

I mean back during his original introduction, shigaraki wasn’t so cool. He was just…whiny. I mean if you look at it through that *fond* (simp) lens then maybe he could be considered cute in that pathetic, delusional, overgrown child sort of way.

But what those simps don’t seem to understand (or just completely bypass) is that he is an indiscriminate murderer, an adult that grew up groomed by a centuries old mega villain (who probably caused the death of his entire family and the following despair filled isolation by giving him a destructive quirk), who is also the equivalent of a school shooter.

This grown adult man went and attacked a class of 14-16 year old children because he had some sort of vendetta against a teacher there. When you put it like that- oh wait, I forgot to mention that although, at first, he didn’t get to see said teacher there, he was willing to resort to killing one (or more) of the children just to get some sort of message across.

Who knows if he killed children for whatever intentions he’d had off screen, unknown to the viewers and simps.

But people will always end up simping for ppl who are pretty much the scum of the earth, fictional or not (u know those serial killer simps😕).

Oh and don’t mind me eating up these fics. Swear it has nothing to do with the characters. You could honestly insert any, even characters I don’t know. I’d still read it. This is a no (pro) judgement zone🥰