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2022-07-12 04:09:28 (UTC)

I won’t support you

I wrote a thank you in a book and gave it to him. Before I wrote anything I wrote not on a scratch paper. I then asked her if she thought it was too much.

She didn’t answer. Not because she didn’t have an opinion, but because she claims that if it went well, I’d take the credit. If it went poorly I’d blame her. I disagree but even voicing that was like asking for a fight. So I thanked her for her honesty. She asked me if I was sincere when I thanked her. Hell yes. I didn’t tell her the whole reason why, but yes. I now know for sure that she thinks I’m a jerk. She thinks the worst of me. She doesn’t see supporting me in small ways as necessary or even an option. We are broken… and her response is to push the broken pieces apart. Ok. Thank you for letting me know.

Sincerely. I’m glad to know you think being the least bit supportive is not worth your effort.

I mean if your friends message you and say hey, what do you think of this thing I’m thinking of doing, you gladly support them. So, I rank below these anonymous guys that you met in your divorce group. I’m not making it up, she is a part of a divorce group.

Anyway… just one more way to clarify the relationship and implode the crux of it.

I’m not sad about it. Im just glad to know, I think…