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2022-07-10 07:16:09 (UTC)

Dream that makes me depress

I don't remember if I have mentioned this before but I am seeing V in my dreams very frequently. When I wake up I feel disturbed. I feel weird because I don't miss or think of him but still we meet in dreams very casually and the most saddest thing is that yesterday I dreamt that he was getting engaged to some girl and i was invited, he told me that he miss me and he kissed me casually, we were feeling bad that we both couldn't end up together and got little emotional. I feel guilty because am married and I love my husband. I always think of him how magically he entered in my life and how he turned everything good for me and how soon we gonna meet. V definitely was a person who brought happy time in my life but his role in my life is over, even if I wasn't married I wouldn't have accepted him. He was over when he left me alone at my hardest point of time. whole day I was feeling very weird. I shared with mom and one of my friend. he told me that maybe I'm alone i feel need of a companion, i do not agree completely even though I feel alone he never cross my mind all I miss is my yubu. I googled the reason and couldn't find any good answer some says because that person miss u they come in your dream which is 100% not the case and so sure he must be happy enjoying in his own world, some say because you think of them again nooooo, some say because there is some undone things no bro we are closed it.... Hell you don't dare come in my dream again you fucker, moron, spinless worm. you are a serpent who can bite anyone, who is the most fake and selfish person in this world. Even though I dont hate you but you are not in my good books. get lost you moron from my mind...