Evolving marriage
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2022-07-09 07:18:10 (UTC)

MM Yeah Rocco

Dear Diary,
Its after 1am and Im on the couch, tonight after husband got off work, we took these Pomegranite gummy edibles. I asked him if he wanted to go out for dinner, stay home and fix bacon and eggs, have some sexy time, or I could peg him.

He said he liked the last option, I had just taken a shower and he was just about off work, he went to clean up in the shower and I made the eggs and bacon(if I didnt do it now it would get made) and the bacon was cooked and in a dish, I made eggs as I needed energy then, hubby cant eat and do activity it makes him have acid, so he said hed have eggs afterwards.

I put on a black open cup bra with a white tank top over it. A black skirt with black striped lace top stockings.

I put the strap on on underneath and made dinner, so he came out of the shower naked into the kitchen and I had my outfit on cooking. He came up and we kissed, and then I turned back around to the stove and he dropped his pants and slid his cock into me as I cooked, there is a window to the back over the stove and I could see out as he was fucking me.

He said "I didnt want you to think I forgot about you" I didnt.... I was set to peg him anyways...

Now everything is kind of a blur from here, we took the edibles just after he got out of the shower. these are the fast acting ones, dont take an hour or so, more like 15 min.

I just know we fooled around, I gave him a blow job, deep throat, over and over, ramming him back into me and holding him there, being on edibles I was so relaxed as was my gag reflex. It was so arousing I though I might cum from doing it. But he would pull me off periodically and I knew so he wouldnt cum already either. We wanted to prolong the play.

So we did that for quite awhile, just gagging myself on his cock, mmm

I then got on top of him and we fucked that way for awhile. And at some point we finished and went to the kitchen so he could eat, I made the eggs and was all floating and feeling good and still horny, he kept shaking his head at me, saying he was done and that I was so persitent. I said "Yes" and he didnt have to do anything with me, just get me some toys. then I said "YOu have to find something really dirty for us to watch, thats your job" and he went to the bedroom after he ate, I was cleaning up and wondering if he was coming back out. He was in the bed looking up porn on his phone and then he put on this movie, the guy is Rocco, its more of a 90s porn flick, was over an hour, and HOT. I loved it, we sat there watching it together and it got me so hot and bothered, lots of anal sex outdoors, barn and building scenes, multiple guys and 1 woman, had some great DP shots, heavenly, and I was so turned on and begged him to fuck my ass.

He didnt respond right away, I was begging tonight so I always wonder if hes squeamish, shy? I dont know, we have done it, but Im usually pushing for it. I crave it a lot, but am afraid to express that to him more. Along with being able to throat him, suck on his cock. I fantasize about those 2 things a lot of the time, and double penetration, when I watch porn those are some of what I like.

He came inside my ass he was so turned on and I had been talking about how i needed to Peg him and fuck his ass. But then time would pass and Id loose track and Id say I need to peg you and he said he was busy pleasing me.

I was so worked up over that porn, we had some fun convos during it and I had the magic wand out and was fingering myself, husband later began to finger me quite a bit while I used the wand. Had me so turned on and the scenes were so erotic, lots of anal and more dp as I said, oh so good, not over the top scenes and good moaning.

I begged him to fuck me in the ass again and he was laying on his side facing me in the bed and I was on my back, my legs drawn in and I asked to lay against his cock, he was close to fucking me again and did a little then I grabbed him and moved it towards my ass, he pushed into me, WOAH, have never really had that sensation before, a little more rough but good and then we went at it, so vigorous and intense and I told him he was going to make me cum and then we both were cumming, and panting and saying WOW, and him saying that goes into our top 10 sexual experiences as that one was hot and intense. I had him inside my ass twice and it was so good. I said to him "I get really horny on edibles and can go on forever" he said "I know you need to knock that off" I said "Noooo, you can just lay next to me, just had me the vibrator, it feels so good"

So yeah we probably started fooling around just about 6pm and it was almost 11pm after all this, husband is always tuckered out and Im like the energezier bunny and want to keep going.

Sometimes I wonder how Id like a scenario with a couple guys, as I can keep going and several more could keep up with my pace, if one guy has to tap out the others can keep going, eh? Eh?

So yeah... hes now asleep, I got up, cleaned the sex toys, went to the bathroom, did a quick shower rinse off, made a bowl of granola, bananas and almond milk, then some popcorn.

I have gotten off twice on the couch, watching older Rocco porn.

Its husbands bday tomm, we are going out to eat out of town and may stay at the cabin tomm night, we will play it by ear.

I love wknds like this, and we could just fuck all wknd if left to this. He made a comment as we laid in bed, he said "Do you notice how little we fight now?" I said "No time for it" :)

I did grab him 2 nights ago, he was going to take a bath after dinner and I told him to come see me when he was done, and I got a spot set up, and when he was done, I walked him in front of the tall mirror and got on my knees and sucked his cock, deep and sucking so he could watch it in the mirror. Then I took him to the living room where I had a spot set up on the couch, the sex blanket and 2 dildos, I had black latex gloves on, and I had him spread his legs as I gave him a blow job, then slipped my second finger in the glove into his ass with some lube and went to town wiggling in and stroking inside his ass, vigorously sucking his cock and he said within about a min of thiis he was going to cum, and I kept going, and he came, but I wasnt sure, I didnt feel or taste it, but he said he had, and I guess thats a good sign, as it was so easy to swallow

That was just a quickie the other night, and I told him I just wanted to pleasure him, and he could chill out and relax.

Oh man, my eyes are getting heavy, so gonna wrap this up for now. great sexy times

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