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I Hate Middle School
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2022-07-04 22:21:08 (UTC)

Piggie Problems


The past few days have been pretty eventful and the next few should be pretty eventful too but I’m upset rn so I’ll talk about that later. Do you remember that friend of mine who does drugs and drinks and vapes and all that? The one I went to the counselor about, thought was super fucking pretty, and even got their number? Well she blocked me! I wanna cry. What did I do? I’ve texted her once and it was just us laughing about the funky makeup I had on. I was trying to text her to say happy 4th of July when I found out. I can’t fathom what I’d have done to get blocked. It kinda hurts… it really hurts… I thought she was so nice and I even kinda had a crush on her. Nothing big but I definitely thought she was absolutely amazing. Whatever, it’s alright. I hope it was for a good reason T^T.

We went to cedar point with Jaylan today finally. It was fun and I enjoyed it but I’m not sure if he did. He seemed like he was having fun but he literally never gets out so he was asleep as soon as we got in the car. He must have hurt so bad lol. He passed out on gatekeeper 3 times. We have a picture of me smiling with my hands up and him passes out next to me. Absolutely priceless! We got alsmost front row parking and we went on 13 rides and saw a parade all in 7 hours. He said he’d go again but wouldn’t go on any upside down coasters. Fair enough I guess. I just hope he had fun.

We went on a boat yesterday with Aunt Rebecca, Uncle James, Grandma and Grandpa T, Corbin, and Jerome. We got to go Tubing and it was the most fun I’ve had in a while. They’re boat doesn’t go very fast so it wasn’t too hard to hold on but I really loved it. Me and Hailey went on a few times and I also went on with my dad and alone. Sooooo freaking fun! I did cut my foot by the end of the trip though. A full side of my toe just skinned on the top layer! It wasn’t too bad but it hurt! Totally worth it though! 101% 11/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ would do again.

We’re getting the guinea pigs tomorrow. I don’t know if I’m more excited or terrified. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to take care of them good but what if I don’t? What if I’m lying to myself? What if I get sick of them despite what I tell myself? AAAAAAAA I hate anxiety! Update, day 3 of having Guinea pigs... AAAAAAAAAA OMG THEY'RE SO CUTE!!! The cage was stressful to set up, the smell at first was atrocious, and Cookie seemed to have a hurt leg, but we figured it all out and it's back to being perfect. We have to clean out the litter once a day, feed them twice, take them out for playtime for an hour a day, and fully clean and wipe down their cage once a week. At first, I thought it would be hard but it's really not too bad, at least in the summer months. I'm not sure how hard it will be during school... I'm thinking of having pre-portioned food as well as cleaning the cage when I first get home so I can let them run around while I listen to youtube and clean. After that, I can do homework with them in the playpen and I'll be good for the rest of the day! Plus I'll be splitting the responsibility with Hailey so it can't be that bad :) .

Have I mentioned our vacation coming up yet? I don't think I have TUT . It's in only three days now!!! We're driving from Ohio to DC and staying there for three days, then driving from DC to some other place in Virginia. After that, we have an eight-hour-long car ride back to Ohio. The car ride sounds pretty sucky, I know, but I actually enjoy long car rides. I like to look out the window and listen to music. I once did that for 8 hours straight (not counting restroom stops) on one of our trips to the smokey mountains in Tennesee. It's unashamedly one of my greatest accomplishments if not my actual greatest accomplishment. Music is love, music is life, lol. As for the trip itself, I'm very excited. What I'm looking forward to most is going to the history museum from Night At The Museum. Not just because I love the movie, although I 101% do, I also LOVE history and facts. Seeing all the monuments will be cool too. I'm not the biggest fan of beaches but I'm more than happy to lay out on a towel or blanket and rake a nap while getting a tan. We're also going to see this statue of position which I vaguely remember from our last trip there around eight or nine years ago. I remember a juggler on stilts and lights and just being really happy. I have high hopes for this vacation!

Speaking of happy, however, I've been feeling a bit depressed again, as usual. I don't even know what the reason is this time, although I guess I rarely ever do. I think it's the stress of my parents being stressed about the guinea pigs. My mom keeps saying we're going to get rid of them then changing her mind then changing her mind again. We fixed all the problems and are going to keep them but goddamn was I stressed out before. In an odd way, asmr helps though. I guess it calms me or distracts me or something... I've also been watercolor painting but they quickly went from a cute mushroom painting to a swirly rainbow mess. Half the paintings are just me getting mad and smearing the colors around with my fingers. I don't want to think about it too much though, it gets me all worked up and I'm content being relaxed right now.

Riley and Jaceys birthday and party was a few days ago. Honestly, I didn't even want to go. Not because I don't like them or anything, I love them, my anxiety was just punching me in the face that day. I went anyways though and it went... as expected. The morning part was annoying with little kids the twins aren't even friends with running around everywhere, gross vanilla cake everyone just tolerated eating, and I had a pounding headache almost the entire time. I ended up walking home to take some ibuprofen and planned on staying there for a while but an annoyed Riley tracked me down and made me come back over for a water balloon fight they'd apparently been waiting on me to have. The night was fun though. Not much happened but we had a Minecraft build battle in which Riley fell asleep immediately and Kiarra finished within an hour. I made a huge mushroom house and needless to say it took me hours to build and I'm still not finished. I ended up getting Riley this My Melody strawberry milk carton water bottle from hot topic and a set of Hello Kitty character earrings to go with it. I got Jacey a banana milk bottle with fuzzy frog earrings. I really hope they liked them, I thought I did good matching the gifts to their personal taste. I'll leave links to what I got them at the end of this entry. I should probably go to sleep now though, it's almost 3AM and I only thought it was 11! Goodnight!!!


Cant find the earrings :(