Slowly descending into madness
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2022-07-06 20:22:25 (UTC)

Writing, marketing, cooking and panicking

Do you know how I know I'm good at what I do? Well, I've been following a few writers over the years. Among those few writers, I did something on social media, they're making it big. Basically I spread the word about their write-ups but very strategically. I know I have a huge network, so yes, I could easily do that. However when I was doing this subliminal advertising, I learned a few things-

1. Social media reach depends a lot on timing
2. Reach depends on who is sharing from what perspective (basically the caption matters a lot here)
3. The content can be underrated but it needs to be good. It needs to be captivating and easy.
4. Short stories, short poems with ezpz language has a huge fanbase

So I did this with 2 people. And ofc they have no idea that I did that. They will never know anything. But I'm glad I did. Gate keeping art is so 2015. This is 2022, everyone will have to like what I like. And hey, my taste is quite rich.

These 2 writers have one thing in common. Both of them had their write-ups read by me at first. Both of them asked for my opinion. Both of them feel like I know sth about literature which is so not true. I used to read a lot long time ago, I think I lost my ability to read. And oh, I can't take all credits for marketing, both of them are really good at writing. One writes poems another writes short stories. I love these two writers a lotttt.

On another topic, I'm getting extremely good with cooking. I've been inviting my friends over often and I cook them stuff. And I know very well, I'm a great cook. 😃 I love experimenting with food, the outcome always turns out to be amazing because my research behind cooking is great.

Yesterday I had an anxiety attack while I tried to sleep. I couldn’t sleep. At some point, I couldn’t even breathe. My brother actually went out to buy medicine for me around 3:30 am. May God bless him for saving my life.

I feel like I can never get over all the traumatic experiences. Never. I wish I had someone to talk to around 3:30 am when I'm having a damn panic attack.