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2022-07-05 13:55:40 (UTC)

anitwt or whatever tf

honestly bro...anime mfs can't say crap because y'all have 'loli's and sexualize underage characters like there's no tomorrow.
And then you accept genderbent and literal porn of characters.
So when mfs pop out with 'blacktober' (which imo sounds wrong since not everybody making those fanarts are gonna be black but hey, they've alr gone so far) and start 'racebending' characters, it'd be in their best interests to hold their peace.

and the mf who claimed that anime was supposed to be an escape from the real world into one that is perfect so black ppl shouldn't exist there, you are literally racist. thats it. you just are, if thats your perfect world.

like rly you cant tell if anything a joke or sarcasm or something that you should take seriously because who knows if the person behind the screen is white or black or brown or anything. plus tone isn't something that is easily conveyed across the internet without the ability to emphasize words with your actual voice or facial expressions. its all just out of pocket comments with different interpretations. twitter is a cesspool of racists, pedos, xenophobics, all the phobics, incels, you know the mix. so there really isn't a point in arguing with those faceless profiles that have 0 redeem-ability online where they express the nastiest parts of their personalities.

nah cuz i was like omg, ppl like that rly exist??? gross. *clutches purse*
and i know you wont simply find somebody expressing themselves so ignorantly and hatefully in real life, thats what the internet is used for. hate and stupidity.

i wont get myself frustrated over that lol

hlello??? HELLO?
idk why thats so unfathomable to me
maybe its the amount of stupid and unbelievably childish crap ive seen online but
i just like saw somebody's bio right, and i clicked their twitch link and boom
masculine, grown voice coming from the autoplayed video and its like
i did NOT expect to hear that after seeing that this person took the time out of their day to comment on some not-worth-the-time-of-day posts
like i mean a whole thread (not that long but like whatever)
idk why i felt so appalled.
maybe social media just feels like a kiddie pool to me because i am a kid,, or maybe it rly is all the childishness.