taking heed
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2022-07-05 10:31:28 (UTC)

what the fuck is left to say?

i don't know exactly how cookies work or the advertising on this site, but for over month now my experience on this site has been plastered with this bunk ass advertising from "canada's premiers" about how federal funding of health care is dwindling or some shit.

ok so, it's cool how the conservative provincial "leadership" has a lobby campaign A), about a decrease in health care funding at all -- which is primarily under the jurisdiction of provinces. health care funding, especially in ontario, especially under doug ford has been withheld, slashed, battered in a way to make it ripe for privatization. and they attempt to cover up their actions by blaming a different level of government.

and i have to stare at this bullshit when i want to write a goddamn diary entry.

And I can't log into mychart or the CRA website.

the level of disgust i feel for the upper quadrant of society is infinite and yet continues to consume even more of me.

we need to overhaul the grid babe.

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