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I Hate Middle School
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2022-06-30 23:19:42 (UTC)

Idk What To Title This Lol


I’m back bitchessssss~ sorry, I’m bored. Remember those two Guinea pigs I was telling you about a few entries ago? Well we went to the mall again and just for fun we decided to see if the two were still there. They were and we asked to hold them again. After getting a hold of them (they don’t like to be picked up but love being held so we had to catch them) they were very sweet. They just sat in our laps and chilled. Mine peed on me but it’s not her fault TUT. We ended up buying them! They’re on hold for us rn! We just have to get the setup and boom! They’re ours! I’m so happy, I’ve been getting back to a more depressed mood anyway so this should hopefully help. Hailey’s is white with grey-brown circled around each eye. It’s crossed eyes which is adorable and a bit feisty. She named her “Grandma Francesca” or something like that smh. Edit: her name is Grandma Louise. Mine is white with big black and brown splotches everywhere, she’s a bit more calm but I can’t decide what to name her. I considered lovely or honey but I feel like that’s a bit cheesy. Hailey suggested s’more but that’s kinda cheesy too. I don’t even like s’mores T^T. Cookie is another one of my considerations though. I think it’s cute but also cheesy. Any name suggestions given in the next week would be really appreciated! I’ll put a link to what she looks like at the end of this entry. Derpy little fella.

On a less happy note, I’ve been feeling more depressed lately. I’ve been taking my meds so idek why. I don’t think they work too well. It’s not too bad but it’s definitely annoying. I think I go through phases… Happy and completely uninterested in reading or writing, then depressed and practically always reading or writing fanfics and writing in my diary. Literature is both a blessing and a curse lol. I always feel like crying… I can never quite do it though, not unless I’m talking to someone. I don’t like it. I want to up my dose. I wish my brain was normal.

On the fanfic side of things though, I’ve just discovered batjokes (Batman x joker) and omg it’s amazing! Just reading about them being so domestic and finally kissing it out (because honestly, I’m 99% of adaptations that’s the clear and never used solution) is awesome. I feel for them so much and I just think it’s really cute. Judge me if you want, I don’t mind much. Jokers adorable! Omg! There’s this one I found, let me grab the name, it’s amazing! It’s called “making friends with the monster” by MEGAtiny on AO3. Jokers all sick and possibly abused by Arkham Asylum so Batman takes him home~~~ it’s not finished yet but AAAAAA it’s so fucking cuteeeeeeeee! My heart can’t take it!

I want to write a batjokes story of my own, inspired by that one but also straying from it enough to not be a clone. My idea is that maybe in this world Joker and Bruce are pretty much aware of each others feelings so Joker decides to turn himself in to Arkham Asylum. Now jokers been missing from the asylum for months or something. Batman goes out on patrol and finds Joker sliding his wrists trying to kill himself because the therapy and meds aren’t working or something like that. The rest will probably either be Bruce taking care of Joker till he can go back to Arkham or, the better option, Bruce taking care of Joker then them finally kissing it out and then Bruce teaches him to be his “true” self or some dorky shit like that. So still his normal Joker-y self just with less harmful intent and/or murder… I know, kinda dark, unnecessarily angsty, and VERY cringe but whatever. As long as I’m entertained I guess lol.

I’ll write more later, I was gunna write more now but I was procrastinating lol. Buh bye!