Evolving marriage
2022-07-04 00:26:31 (UTC)

Sexy Sunday

Dear Diary,
Leisure Sunday, the way I like it. Husband was caressing me this am and I felt like hell, I feel the worst first thing in the am, its like all that sinus junk and needing to cough it up and loose and get it out. Fun and sexy eh? But he continued to caress me and I put on the podcast we were listening to before bed and missed out on, its the swinger one. He said after "Do you think you will become a swinger. Your voraciously consuming swinger podcasts" I said "Well, uh, I cant be one by myself, that would involve you" and that was it. I dont say anymore, I dont like making things awkward. If he is interested or intrigued he would speak up. Granted we did talk about clubs in Vegas but didnt do it, and to be honest it wasnt really something I wanted to do. A club feels a bit stressful to me. And after listening to the shows, I told him, the resorts with a sexy vibe and being able to be nude sound more up my alley. They arent just for swingers, but lots of swingers go, and so I like that idea better. No pressure, just being around it. Playrooms where you can have sex around others, hear or see others is kinda kinky in its own way you know? But yeah, I really suspect that its just too much for the husband. I know they do episodes about "How to get your spouse interested" but I always end up being the female version when most of the stories are of guys who want to do this and their women are the timid ones. I end up in the role reversal often times. And I dont fault my husband. Hes Aspie, hes not good with reading cues and acceptable behaviors at times. So of course that stuff could throw him into some major anxiety. When we spoke one day about a 3 somes, hes more on board with going to some brothel and paying a chick who you pay for and then you are done, Me? Im all about finding someone to connect with and not feeling seedy like going to a brothel, he doesnt get why that is wierd to me, but it feels gross. So you can see how he could just view it as SEX and a transaction, and I dont see things in the same light. Why I like the podcast couple, Mr and Mrs Jones, is about all the friends and connections they make, the sexy vibes, the having friends you can talk sex with openly, you know like how I can here in my diary. I think it would be cool to have friends like that. But how would it all really play out? Who knows, so I guess I just flirt with the idea, Im fascinated by it and the podcast and the stories they share. And Id really like to go to the Desire resort, and I did tell hubby that. His reply "That will take a major commitment" and I know that, we do have passports, heck I think they expire in a yr and we have never used them. Plus I got a new credit card and it has free money conversion for out of the country on it. We have never left the country, either of us. So yeah thats what I told him I think is more my speed, those resorts for adult fun sexy time.

So back to being in bed this am. He ran his hand down my body again over my breast and lightly pinched and that did it. I realized I wasnt as dead feeling as I thought as it was arousing and he continued to rub and pull and play with each nipple turning me on. I forgot how sick I felt and he removed his shorts and continued to rub me closely around my panties, and then slid those down and oh yes, my fave part! I love when he just thrusts into me from behind, that first thrust is always the best, it feels so amazing. And from there he just kept thrusting into me and now and then stopping and spanking me, winding me up more. We went on for quite awhile like this and he had me so wet. I finally just got up and took my top off and climbed on top of him and lifted his shirt off. I was so wound up. I love feeling that way, when you are super turned on. And I rode him and he played with my nipples and guess what! I had an orgasm on top! Yesss! It was so good I wanted to cry. He said he wanted to get a sleeve and try it, and I said no, he asked me again and I said "No I dont want to be sore, your just fine, I have my dr appt thurs, I dont want to be bruised or injured down there" and I had to shut him up so I just sat up straight on him and rode him and pinched his nipples hard, yeah he was cumming in minutes and all was good. :) Im just really happy as of late playing with him alone and not all the other stuff since Im sick, the other stuff is overwhelming, dont get me wrong it feels good, but Im low energy and also its easier to get injured with extra things, have to make sure you have enough lube, etc, when its just us and our natural fluids things just work out perfect. But using a huge sleeve requires more lube so I dont get hurt or the silicone to hurt me as if you go at it too much and loose some of the lubrication it sticks and pulls, etc.

He got up to do a few things and I laid in bed afterwards. We talked some and were just on our phones and then I crawled over a little while later, was rubbing his butt, he was naked, and i like him naked, he tends to put something back on after sex, shorts, boxers, something and I like him just being naked under the sheets. I was grabbing at his ass, giggling, laughing, making animal sounds and being silly, biting as his thigh, rubbing his legs, he was laughing and telling me "Your so adorable" as Im cracking myself up. I said "I feel so pent up since being sick, its like all this energy coming out" as I felt better in that moment. I kept stroking him, rubbing his butt cheeks, grabbing them, hard, running my hand along his ass, to his balls and to his ass hole, poking it, teasing, and giggling and kissing him, and he finally said "I think I know what you want to do" I said "I think I know what you want" and I grabbed the lube and put on some black rubber gloves and grabbed at his ass cheeks and inserted a finger in, pretty quickly and played with him, switced to my middle finger as its longer and I can thrust in more, he said "I forget how sexy those black gloves are" and hes loved it since I ordered them for sex anal play. I fingered him awhile, he was aroused and I then I used the smaller pegging dildo in my hand, since hes still recovering, kinda hard to do the pegging play we used to do before it. He enjoyed himself, I had him turn over on his back as he was on his side and I was thrusting it into him and the other black glove on his cock stroking it. Upgraded to the next size up and continued to play, I took his cock in my mouth as he was on his back his legs spread, but I was feeling a little ick in the stomach and couldnt keep up with it, which I knew he was totally enjoying, but I was starting to feeling nauseated and couldnt continue that aspect and we ended up calling it quits on the anal play, he said it was very pleasurable but it was starting to be a bit much. And I was feeling urpy to give him a blow job, so we otped to table it. Neither of us were bugged, I just rubbed his legs, his thighs, the area where the surgery incisions were, all gently around them, working the areas where it can form scar tissue, he told me several times how sexy and awesome I am as I gave him a nice deep thigh rub. And that is where we left it, I crawled up on his chest and we passed out. When I woke I had that hangover sleep feel that makes you feel sorta crummy, my energy was gone, I got up and took a shower then soaked in the tub a bit, heated up some leftovers and he eventually came out of the bedroom and hopped in the bath himself after having some leftovers.

And we are now just doing our own thing, we made a run to fast food as we were both beat and now we are back home. He pulled the Bratwurst out of the freezer for the 4th, we have a Breeo and we are going to BBQ on that, we did it last yr and moved the patio furniture and sat together, made smores and watched the fireworks from our own yard, one of the perks to a small town, we can watch it from our home and not have to go to the park. Last night we sat on the porch till 10pm talking and watching local fireworks in the sky.

We did go for a walk around the track last night but are going to go later this eve again when the sun has gone down more, so 8pm, we havent walked at all and I havent since I was sick, wow I felt so much better once I got out and walked, I needed it and it was his first time back on the track since his surgery. So thats the plan, tonight at 8.

I think about how much time we do spend together, the husband and I. We are truly on our own much these days since we lost so many family members, when my Mom was alive I was gone often at would visit my hometown and stay with my Mom for 2 wks at a time, and then I could veer off to a beach visit from there before going home, but without having Moms house, its just not the same and a lot more weird to get a hotel in your hometown where you lived and were a part of for most of you life, when you no longer can "go home" and sit in moms living room, its just not the same. And I have loads of friends there and one of my kids, but hes in an apt with roomates and its never been a place hes offered to have mom come stay. I have lots of friends but I dont ask to stay there, my one gf Im sure would have one but then I would feel obligated to stay around with them and I like to be on the go, my Mom was so kick back and relax, I could be out an about all day and visit everyone and come and go as I wanted.

I miss her so much :(

I did book our beach rental, we are going for the month of January. So its officially scheduled! This will be our 4th time staying at that house. Last yr was really the big start to us getting as close as we have been and our sex life turning around. Our trip started mid Dec and it rained a lot and so we were indoors and I was newly on hormones and more frisky, he had a wk off while we were there from work and the rest the office work space is in the large upstairs bedroom and so it was easy to wake up early with the sun shining in and we were having sex almost every am. This was before I was doing blow jobs too. We were just having a lot of regular sex and bonding a lot, more then we ever had. Even though he was still working, being by the beach and in a place we didnt have to clean and maintain and we were up walking at the beach everyday together, after work, and then we watched Yellowstone together, lots of hours camped out together laying around watching. It was a nice trip, so looking forward to going again. Cooking steaks, eating at all the cool beach places. And booking our massages.

So yeah, its on! And it will get us out of the snowy winter weather where we are and break that up a little which I think is a good thing. THe summers here are warm where we are, but nothing like when we lived in Az, so Id rather leave during part of the winter for a vacation to Ca coast where the weather is ideal yr round.

Ive really been wanting to have a play day and take edibles again but since Ive been recovering from being sick Ive just stayed away from it, and I have my girly dr exam this wk so I am TRYING to chill out on the crazy sex stuff so its not all visible during my exam if you know what I mean.

Well I need to go change the bed sheets, husband I think is playing a video game, he hasnt done that in a LONG LONG time, he used to do it all the time and I hated it, now its mos go by and he hasnt even expressed an interest. I get a lot more of his attn now and I am enjoying that.