Slowly descending into madness
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2022-07-03 01:32:00 (UTC)

Nice day?

I cooked today, grilled chicken, mexican sauce and mashed potato. The dinner was really good, I'm really glad I did it. Because for the past 10 days, I didn’t eat that much. I lost 3 kg I think. I cooked for my friend though, not for me. Now that I think, I really adore my female friends. Like Im insanely nice towards them. I always cook for them, buy stuff for them, make time for them. And I'm a bitch to my male friends, probably cause 90% of them want to fuck me anyway. Or IDK, I feel this way. Girls are always so much better than boys. I feel safe around them.

Tomorrow another bunch is coming and I'm gonna cook again. Tomorrow I was supposed to bring edibles but I sort of bailed.... Was feeling guilty :3 I felt like I was doing something wrong. Idk man, it just felt wrong.