Evolving marriage
2022-07-02 17:47:05 (UTC)

Sick Family

Dear Diary,
Oh run down feeling today, feeling better but my energy is just non exsistant

We had to run to town for husbands follow up knee surgery appt and the dr was impressed and said hes great, exceeding expectations and he even said "What are you sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber?" and we laughed, as hes been in twice and we had one scheduled for that afternoon.

So he said to wait until his next appt in another 6 wks to see if he will release him to do activities, but he can light hike now he said, everything feels really stable.

We had In N Out for lunch and then went for the hyperbaric, they up your time from 1 hrs to hour and a half. I was in the lay down, husband in the chair one. I fell asleep for almost an hour of it. I swear its more relaxing then going in for a massage.

We went to the grocery store after and then grabbed Chik Fil A salads to take home so we didnt have to do anything later and just chill.

So my cousin messaged me. My Uncle is not good, I think I mentioned here, lung cancer and its spread to his spine. Well he had to take him to the ER as his pain was so bad and they werent sending him home.

I have been talking to husband about this, that I dont think hes going to make it very long. Knowing my relatives, hes so far into this and hes around 80, my loved ones are tough birds, not hospital folks and will grin and bear it and not tell people whats up with them until they cant help it any longer. So I suspect it will not be long for him and I really would hate to see him go through chemo, he would hate it. And let the man decide, but then I know pressure from family can make it harder. I said I have no idea how my aunt is doing, she has to be a wreck, they are 2 peas in a pod and always together, and shes a difficult person to be around, I wrote about her after my last visit to their house not long ago and she was so off putting. But Im glad I did go last minute that day even though she was a pain, as I got to hang out with both my moms siblings that day and have dinner and spend the night. My Uncle is the other HUB if you will, of the family. People that everyone loves and holds a lot of the family together. We lost my Mom without warning, and we helped to fly out my aunt and uncle for the funeral and as I wrote I hugged him goodbye at the airport and he said "This might be the last time you see me" But Ive been to see him twice because of working on the family property. And my brother just went to see him and he was there just as they found out about the cancer.

I might be going back to a funeral :( as my plan is Sept.

That will only leave my Aunt(moms sis) and then we are down to all of us kids being left (my siblings and my cousins) I believe my Uncles wife, my Aunt could live awhile but I wonder how she will do mentally and emotionally without him, I think age and health wise she is in great shape but mentally, woo, I cant picture her without him.

I really suspect he may go fast, as I think hes held out as long as he could being sick without alerting anyone and its progressed so much, hes supposed to be starting a cancer drug today and they mentioned radiation but I know how this goes, it wont cure him or prolong his life much and may make him miserable. So we shall see if I am able to make it back and even if I do, how close can I get to him without my aunt hovering, or will he be hospitalized. Thats how my Gpa was, but they had him on cannabis or whatever, back then in the 80s when he had lung cancer and was dying, he was good natured and happy to have us all around him in the hospital.

Husband ran and go us breakfast burritos this am, was so good.

I got up started the laundry, dishes and moved one of the cars as we have 4, ugh, we have to get one sold, but it has an antique oven in the back of it, and husband cant help unload with his knee and Im so weak from being sick I cant do much right now until I regain my energy. Then I need to fully clean it out, wash it, put the seats back in it that are in the garage and get it listed for sale. So we arent paying on 4 cars. We are keeping the other 3, Suv, 4 wheel drive and a little pickup. All of our cars have belonged to our parents. We inherited them and they are also sentimental at least for me. The one we are getting rid of was my Dads and Ive made good use of it since his death, my Dad had so many vehicles each of us kids got one and even a family friend. My mom didnt need them all. She kept her 2, which I have one. ANd thats the one I wont part with. It has low mileage and a little truck is very useful for hauling things.

Plus we dont drive much now with husband working at home and living in a small town, told him we can just keep shuffling around the cars using up the gas in them all for quite awhile till we need to gas them up. We only gas up if we travel or go the big city. Otherwise a tank of gas can last us a month or longer the way things are where we live.

So I spoke to my big sis, shes sick also, but she tested positive for C. So did everyone at work, she said most of her coworkers are out, the bosses, etc, and they all had C before, this is the second time. I told her how we both have been sick also, she has a friend of hers, she spoke to also and they are all sick. We are all 3 in diff states but all know one another and all sick at the same exact time. Wild eh?

I told her Ive mostly just been achy, no energy and hot, but no fever when I check my temp. Some mucus and cough but not super heavy. NO sore throat and the cough is at the end, mostly just from mucus when i wake up in the am draining. Taking Mucinex.

Despite being exhausted, we are still semi frisky around here, just more limited in that realm with our play. It was like we both wanted to last night but we were too tired to put in much effort. And in the end, we had lazy sex and then I gave him a blow job and he played with me with the vibrator and we went to bed. Today Im like "Okay enough, give it a rest" in my head. I have my girly dr appt this next thurs and I dont want to be sore going in! So maybe we can chill a bit.

But it sure would be nice to feel back to normal.