no name
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2022-07-02 14:06:35 (UTC)

not even hungry idk why

i’m feeling bad abt doing things i want so i went to go do something i didn’t want to do even though i wanted to

so far this game hasn’t given me ANY decisions and i’m still on the verge of jumping that man, no cyap

i’m going to allow this to be my rock bottom.

see look i can’t do mystic messenger bc i’m not at that level of gaming where i would actually wake up at a certain time for an ingame event. so i’ll start off with a game that isn’t demanding, in that time sensitive way. where i can just hop in whenever and resume the mf. i’m also not a reader, not rly, so i can’t go and play a game with the thickest plot in the world 😭 i’d die. i’d fudging forfeit before there was even any love interests involved.

obey me is a whole different type of maintenance so count me out for now 😟👎