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2022-06-25 02:32:05 (UTC)

Fairs, Theme Parks, And A Really Cute Baby


It's been a loooooooooooong while since I last made an entry. Well, I posted my last entry just before starting this but to me and according to the dates its been a while. I dont have too much to talk about so I'll just talk about what I'm doing rn. I've pretty much turned into one of those "self-care" girls. I have a rose clay mask on rn and I'm listening to ASMR lol. I dont have anything against self-care or anything like that, I just never in a million years thought I'd be sitting in my room at 2:30 AM with a facemask on and listening to ASMR. I also have a pixie cut with bangs so my hair's tied up all weird and I'm wearing mickey mouse pajama pants with a "Shreck The Musical Jr" shirt on. I look ridiculous... But you know what? Who cares! Do what makes you feel good! Although this facemask kinda burns so maybe do what'll make future you feel good. Whatever makes you happy! There we go. I have to go rinse off the mask now though so I'll be back.

Ahhhhh that feels so much better. I put a bunch of lotion on and mmmm it feels so good! Ignore me embarrassing myself though, You know how I said it was 2:30 before? Well now it's 3AM and I still haven't gotten a blink of sleep. I have a busy day tomorrow and we're out of coffee! I've got a graduation party to go to tomorrow for my... cousin? He's my mom's cousin's son so idk how we're related. But I've got to dress up all nice and prissy for that and then I've got to quickly go home and fix myself up to go to the fair happening at the church. I'm going to meet up with all my friends there and I hope it'll be fun. Kiarra and Michael will definitely be there but idk about Vinny and Riley. I think Riley might go but I'm not sure about Vinny. It'll be fun either way though. Tomorrow there's an "Alternative Rock & Pop Radio hits of the 90s and 2000s" theme for the music and they also have a Queen tribute band so that'll be fun. Riley might only be able to go on Sunday and Michael and Kiarra will be there that day too so I might just spend Saturday listening to music and eating food lol. You can't hear the music from the rides.

One thing I forgot to mention about the graduation is how I found out about it. So, my Aunt Malina was watching my (non-biological) uncle Tims son and me and my mom came over to talk for a bit and prank Uncle Tim. We but up a bunch of "got 'em" signs all over the house for them to find and it was pretty funny but what I liked the best is the baby. He was SO cute! I'm not even the biggest fan of babies but he was adorable. He kept looking at me with his light blue eyes and AAAA it was just so cute! He's named after his father Tim so we call him Tiny Tim. If I stuck my tongue out at him he'd do it back and he'd put his tiny little hands on my face when I held him. It was adorable. My mom says I have a "maternal instinct" because I'd want to take care of a baby or toddler (even though I don't currently plan on having one biologically at least). It felt like a compliment but I'm not entirely sure if it was... Whatever. I'd totally babysit Tiny Tim if my mom was there too! I don't have any experience with babysitting and I only have a half-decent amount of experience dealing with little people (as I like to call them) so I couldn't do it alone just yet but I'd LOVE to build up some credibility and become a babysitter when I'm a bit older. I love toddlers. Babies are cute too but they're kinda a mystery to me. They don't talk and they love to cry and each one's routine is different. Toddlers can at least communicate what they want and I love to pick them up and spin them around and play with them. I should probably go to sleep for now I guess, it's late. Nighty night!

It's been a few days but I'm back. I'll tell you about how the fair went in a second but first I wanna tell you about my plan for my next haircut. I've linked my reference photos at the end of this entry if you want to see them. Soooooo, I've been at a loss recently for what new things I want to do with my hair. My style's been leaning more to the cutesy side of the spectrum so I was wondering how I could accommodate that into my hair... So I did the logical thing and decided I'm getting a mohawk! I'm not even joking, and my mom said yes! I haven't had a haircut in a looooong time (it's maybe a cm or two away from the tip of my nose) and

I got cut off lol. My mom ended up changing her mind and now I do not have a Mohawk… I do have a really cute super short pixie cut though!

Now to the fair, the first day was nice. I spent it with Riley, Jacey, and Kiarra riding rides and playing games. I ate wayyyyy too much cotton candy and spent wayyyyyy too much to win a pair of fluffy pink dice and a blowup alien. The plans were sloppily made but in all it was fun! The second day wasn’t as good but in an odd way was also better. Michael texted me before the fair even started and we made plans to meet up. Once I got there I texted Michael to meet up and rode a ride (with Hailey and Sarah because she [Sarah] was spending the night) while waiting for his response. Soooooo I saw him irl before he responded but I was in line so we just waved.

When he finally responded we agreed to meet once Vinny got there. An hour later and Vinny decided he wasn’t going. I texted Michael if we should just meet up then but Vinny changed his mind and was going to be there in another hour I guess. A few more switches later and Vinny was finally there. Him, Athena, and I hung out for a few minutes before trying to talk to Michael again. Long story short, he ditched us to hang out with another friend group. I guess I don’t really mind though, my mom said I shouldn’t make plans with him anymore but I said that we’re stupid kids who make bad decisions so I shouldn’t stop being friends with him for one rude action. She agreed so I guess we’re good now. I haven’t talked to Michel since though…

After giving up on Michael we had a great time! Vinny wasn’t allowed to ride rides though so we ended up walking around, failing at games, and occasionally getting into joke screaming matches about random shit. Yeah it was probably annoying but I’m a kid so I better do it while I still have an excuse lol. We watched fireworks together and messed around on the playground and it was magical. Technically I was a 3rd wheel but they didn’t make me feel like it. I really do love my friends. We even had a conversation which was pretty much us all saying “you thought I hated you? I thought you hated me!” back and forth for a few minutes and we all re-realized anxiety sucks… I still absolutely adore my friends though!

One last thing before I go, Grandma T and Grandpa T went to Cedar Point with us! Crazy right!? They don’t usually do much with us but this was really fun! Of course we didn’t ride many rollercoasters cause they’re old (lol) but it was still fun. We rode the race horses and old time cars, we rode the mine ride and wind seeker. Grandma was too afraid to go on wind seeker but it was alright. They even went on Gatekeeper! Me and Grandpa sat in front then Hailey and Grandma second and my mom last. I don’t think Grandpa enjoyed it too much but it was still fun. Apparently it “awakened something in them” according to my mom. Cool!

I should probably go now but I’ll write again soon! Buh bye!


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