Slowly descending into madness
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2022-06-29 13:26:07 (UTC)

I don't know myself anymore

The worst thing I've ever done to myself wasn’t loving him, it's attaching myself to him, to a pretty good extent. To a point I don’t even know myself anymore. I actually feel like I don’t know myself anymore.

I went out yesterday. I was just out for 2.5 hours in the sunlight and then I had a bad asf migraine for a long time. I love someone to a point I started picking out everything he is. No regret though, he's worth it.

That's all. I don’t know myself anymore.

Edit: "in a shaky voice, he said, bring me back to you or bring me back to myself, don't leave me standing in between". A small Arab quote, it just goes with this. It's beautiful, I can feel it.