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Notes from my Black
2022-06-28 04:09:12 (UTC)


So another dumb short sighted myopic ruling by the Supreme Court. Prayer is ok in school. It’s not ok. It’s not that I even care if there is prayer. It’s that no prayer should be part of any curriculum or event.

So here me out.

I’m high school, I knew a kid named Lou. We weren’t friends, so I’ll use his real name. He tried to bring me to his club. He was trying to organize a club… a satanist club. I didn’t go. But, he did get a few kids to go. They didn’t make it into the yearbook… they didn’t bother with the paperwork, or to notify the school about it. Rumor was, they killed a goat. No idea of that is true.

So on the one hand you have coach Johnson touting his football team victory and attributing it to a Christian god. On the other hand you have coach Lou… telling his team the victory was due to the sacrificial blood of a goat spilled in Satan’s name (or whatever the prayer is).

Neither of these coaches can be prosecuted… unless Lou actually killed a goat… but the prayer could be different. How do you feel now about your ruling? It freaking sucks, right?

Congrats… you win. Take the win… and the goat blood. Leave me out of both of them.