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2022-06-26 05:19:37 (UTC)

Back at in laws

1 thing I really dont like about marriage is a girl has to shift to her in laws place no matter what. Yubu is in Canada but I still have to live with in laws, well they are good people but I miss mom. I cam from mom's place yesterday. We both repaired our old house, I did my tooth work, property work, bank work, doctor's followup for mom and many other. we stayed together for 2 weeks. even though house was in a mess we had fun staying together, we meet Payal and her mom and slept at her place as ours was in mess. We shared food too mom cooked food for them. But I miss mamma I have so fun time with her. I LOVE YOU MUMMYYYYY..... she also loves my company, we had plans to roam around but couldn't get time.

Tomorrow is my MIL's birthday. I bought her a bag and a dress on mom's behalf and from me too.. Ill decorate house at night we are not sure how we celebrating it. Today is Sunday I woke up early and now drowsing... I cleaned my room, washroom, washed rainy shoes and wore a face pack. ill bath in a while and will doze off for sometime. Ill rest today..
Yubu will be back in December, I have to wait 6 months and 3 months already without him= 9months. phewww...then after 2-3 months we will go to Canada together...very long time you so bored already. PR form is submitted 3 days back.
Well, one bizarre thing to share.. V has been coming in my dreams lately, I don't miss him at all. Still I dont know why. I fee; very weird. Am over him , in dream he is married and I too, we talk casually and everytime I see him in dream I think good that I dint end up with him lolzzz Am glad that I dont do anything wrong in my dreams too. I love yubu and always will...
ok cya happy sunday