Never Broken
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2022-06-26 04:06:30 (UTC)


Talked to Constance briefly yesterday. She is still not yet home. When I spoke to her, she was very ill and had been for some time. They were supposed to do another ultrasound to see if they can find out anything. This is one of those sticky situations where you hope, on the one hand, they will find something so they can cure it, and on the other hand, that it’s normal and just one of those unexplained ailments we all get from time to time.

I called a few times throughout the day but Constance did not answer her phone. I hate being in the dark. Humans, as a species, are really good at adaptation as long as we know the game, what the stakes and rules are. It’s the not knowing that is so damn hard.

I went to a nearby town to get a book signed by Gerry Adams an old colleague of mine and a sort of friend though we haven’t seen each other in 2 years since he retired…

Played with the dogs a bit today. S, AKA evil bitch, hasn’t been so evil lately. We have a long complicated relationship, (more on that later), which is fraught with the mine fields of mental illness. She has borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder. I have PTSD and am autistic, though the latter is not a mental illness but a neurological one. Still, mental illness does not give you the right to be abusive. I don’t think S realises that words wound, sometimes even more than physical damage. Most physical wounds heal…. Words, not so much. S made Mexican food for dinner and there is a shit ton left so I might have it for breakfast, too. I am the type that will eat whatever I feel like eating no matter time of day.

Presently, I am watching A&E on YouTube. Billy the Exterminator is on now. Love this guy, though removing dead rats is not my idea of a good time. I suppose, someone’s got to do it.